#Walk1000Miles – November 2016

Here we are, then. Just one month to go until the end of 2016.


It’s inevitable that I’ve already achieved my personal target of eight-hundred miles. But, with weekend of flooding across the local region and a sharp drop in temperatures to sub-zero; how much walking did I manage in the month that was November?

I still have a couple more walks to write about from October before I can plough in to November’s list.


06/11 – 12 miles – Bradford-on-Avon (with Brunel 20s and 30s)
07/11 – 4 miles – Stourhead, Wiltshire (National Trust)
08/11 – 9.5 miles – Mendips
11/11 – 4.5 miles – Wrington, North Somerset
12/11 – 4 miles – Tortworth, Gloucestershire (from Walk West)
13/11 – 15 miles – Backwell Hill and back
20/11 – Deerhurst and the Severn Way, Gloucestershire (from Walk West)
22/11 – 5.5 miles – Wrington
23/11 – 4.5 miles – Cook Peak, Somerset
25/11 – 2 miles – Wrington
26/11 – 6.25 miles – Somerset Coal Canal (Part 1 – from Walk West)
27/11 – 8.5 miles – Ozelworth Bottom, Cotswolds (from Walk West)


It started well enough in attending a group walk but I’ve not met up with the group since and missed out on a recent weekend away in the Peak District.

You’ll also notice a distinct number of days in between walks, where a reduction in daylight has meant I’m no longer able to complete evening walks and I’ve included even a two-miler as one of my ‘standard’ walks for November.

Total for November 2016 = 82.75 miles


I had honestly expected the flooding (20th to 22nnd, approximately) to have had a more devastating effect. But I even put my wellies on for one morning, just so that I could get outside and explore the severity of the rainfall on the local landscape and footpaths network.

Those shorter walks don’t add up to much on their own but, over the course of a weekend, I’m able to complete more of them, where one long walk may exhaust me or aggravate pains in my foot or knee. I’ve also begun selecting routes from the Walk West e-Book series as well. One aim, over the coming months, is to try and complete one of the three titles.


So, I’m very pleased with my total for November and, not least for the fact that I’ve distinctly beaten my own personal target. I didn’t think I’d done any more than sixty miles, before counting. Another twenty and, you never know; I could’ve been chasing than one-thousand for the end of December!


Again, I’ll be happy with anything in excess of fifty miles for this month.

Total for 2016 so far: 873.75 miles.

Thanks for reading.

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