Cutting Condensation on the Fridge

Living in flat with minimal household facilities, I found myself wanting – and, almost of necessity, needing – to use the top surface of my small fridge/freezer as a horizontal surface to hold and store items.


One problem I’ve always been faced with is that, in being a cold surface, it is the ideal place for warm water to settle and form droplets (even small puddles) as it cools. But, I recently came up with a very simple solution to counteract this and it didn’t involve making mounds of mess.

That ring on the top photo is the result of leaving an empty biscuit tin on the surface for too many days. So far, even white vinegar has been unable to remove it. Typically, I keep my fruit bowls and plates on here (mainly because the plates are too large for my wall cupboards).

In the long term, I’d like to have a bread bin here and maybe a rack of some sort to store my cookbooks.


Now, back in 2o14, I bought two camping mats because they were available at the reduced price… This blue one is an item I’ve never actually used and, in 2016, I was unable to sell it locally for even a small price. I was watching a video about insulating a toilet cistern with a gym mat when it dawned on me that I could use this mat to ‘insulate’ the top of my fridge.

Previously, I’d entertained thoughts about cutting a sheet of plywood or plastic to size. But wood can turn mouldy and plastic might not have been the best insulator.


When I remember, I’ll obtain a roll of double-sided tape to keep this held in place more securely. But, for now, I have a very cost effective solution to the problem of condensation.

I’m sure one person will tell me this is not the best of ideas for the longevity of my (landlord’s) appliance. But there’s still loads of room in behind for ventilation. If anything, I’ve noticed the temperature inside is slightly reduced and the door seals were partially worn long before I moved in.

Now, what to do with the remaining 1.2m length of roll mat…


Also, I’m gradually working my way through decluttering and removing this long-standing mess (or, most of it). Some will be freecycled; others will probably end up in charity shops or something. I’ve already taken one Ikea bag-load of mixed waste to the tip this week. Looking further ahead, I’d like to get another shelving unit (like the one to the right) and replace my truly multi-function ladder.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve found this useful.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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