#Walk1000Miles – January 2017

Already, the first month of this new year now lies behind us!


Having amassed an impressive total of nine-hundred-and-sixty-five miles for the whole of 2016, I began January with the aim of exceeding the figure by the end of December.


Still reeling in the benefits of a relaxed Christmas break, I was prepare to make a decent start to the year and still, without over-exerting or exhausting myself unnecessarily.

While my main goal for 2017 in this challenge is to surpass last year’s total, I also intend to walk a better average of eighty-miles per month. This time last year, I think I only managed between forty and sixty miles before the spring.


01/01 – 1.5 miles – Glastonbury Tor (walking back to the car from New Year’s Eve…)
02/01 – 8 miles – Chew Valley area
04/01 – 1 mile – Releasing a captured mouse in to the wild
07/01 – 8.5 miles – Burrow Mump, Somerset
08/01 – 8.75 miles – Nailsworth, Gloucestershire
14/01 – 6 miles (approximately) – Orienteering at Ashton Court
15/01 – 8.5 miles – Wellow, Bath and North East Somerset
20/01 – 4.5 miles – Wrington/Redhill, North Somerset
21/01 – 6 miles (guesstimately) – Gloucester
22/01 – 2 miles – Wrington, North Somerset
26/01 – 1.5 miles – Bristol (to and from Cotswold Outdoor…)
29/01 – 21 miles (approximately) – Stonehenge Stomp (including 1 mile of deviation)

Total for January 2017: 77.25 miles


While I am less than three-miles short of my ideal monthly target, I’m very pleased to be able to reflect and realise that I did walk a considerable number – and at close to double what I achieved twelve-months ago!

Click here to see my post from January 2016.


I’m sticking to the same rule of mostly including proper walks but, what I really mean there, is that I’m not looking to count the steps and distances in ‘routine’ acts (mainly time spent wasted at work and in supermarkets, etc.). Of course, I’ve included a couple of items above that you may think of as ‘anomalies’ but, psychologically, I find it’s beneficial to consider these at least until the daylight hours increase towards the summer.

I find it slightly frustrating that I’m still working my way through December, as far the writing of blog posts go. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I’m catching up with January!


Here’s to another year of many miles! Do let me know if you’re also taking part in the challenge.

Total for 2017 so far: 77.25 miles

Thanks for reading.

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