Time for a New Blog? – March 2017

This is a thought that I’ve been carrying with me for several months now.

Since packing my workshop in to storage nearly three-years ago [Yikes! That long already?!], my interest in walking and hiking has grown to the point where it dominates a significant portion of my life, interests and mind. I’m the kind of person who struggles to balance multiple interests at once and can often plough ahead with one obsessively…

First, it was football. Growing a bit older and with college, next came woodworking. My passion for walking was already on the rise before vacating my last workshop but it’s clearly a front runner right now.

So, there’s a lot of content (eight-years worth, if I’m not mistaken) already on this blog. I’m not looking to ‘end’ these pages and certainly, I’d never delete them. But I have been thinking about a new space to dedicate my walking to.

It’s big enough, really, that it deserves its own focus. Woodworking was the sole reason for me to create this site. I still receive a lot of traffic (the majority, in fact) through searches of people looking for what are now older links.

While I’m sure there are people here who enjoy reading about all topics, I feel more certain that the majority are only interested in one or the other.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to create a database of walking routes that would be accessible (maybe even downloadable) for others. To add that here, along with my regular long posts… I feel it would be too much.

So, do I create another ‘free’ WordPress domain?

Or, do I look at purchasing my own, building my own website (probably using the WordPress engine) and adding a database to that? Could I make much money from that, in return?? I’m thinking of adverts only.

My search for a new workshop continues; I’d like to reassure you of that. Based on the fact that I made a hard choice a few months ago to create a second YouTube channel (specifically for walking), this option makes only further sense. When I do move in to that new space, I’ll probably create a new site anyway; a fresh beginning.

Olly Writes will continue, regardless. Perhaps I’ll use this space as a place to write more ‘freely’. More of a blog, than a documentation of events. I’ve always been afraid of dividing myself up or spreading myself too far but, I feel like it needs to be done and it could be more beneficial and easier for all concerned.

In the mean time, I welcome any thoughts you may have.

Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Time for a New Blog? – March 2017

  1. A difficult decision, Olly. I read your walking posts, but confess to not being very interested in woodworking or cooking, so usually give those a miss. I decided it was best to have a separate blog for each area of interest, so I now have 4 free WordPress blogs – reading, writing, my coastal walk blog, and another one for non-coastal walking. But I find it’s impossible to keep them all updated regularly.

    1. Hi Ruth – I appreciate your thoughts. Another concern is that if people repeatedly see things they’re not interested in, they’ll unsubscribe/follow. Also, you’ve highlighted another issue – having to maintain several blogs simultaneously. 😉 I am going to start a fresh walking blog soon.

    1. Well, I’ve been paying £30 a year for this one – but I think it only means they cut out the “.workpress” portion of your URL and readers (without adblocking add-ons) still see random adverts.

      I previously built a website using WordPress but hosted elsewhere and it costs only about £10 a year. That’s automatically renewed again recently, even though the domain is long dead. I could look in to it.

  2. Much more flexibility with a self hosted site, but there’s no reason why you can’t start with a free hosted site with a paid domain name. Its easy enough to transfer posts over when you do change, especially if you host all your images externally, like on flickr. Can i talk you into joining the outdoorbloggers.co.uk group too?

    1. Thanks. I have started a free one (ollyoutdoors.wordpress.com) and will upgrade that when the time is right. Glad to hear it’s easy to transfer posts over.

      Thanks also for the link – I’ll take a look. 🙂

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