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Portland Coast Path (54)

My name’s Olly Parry-Jones. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

By the age of eighteen, I’d dropped out of my A-Levels in the midst of depression and found myself without a clue moving forwards. Some of those feelings remain today… But I enrolled on a Carpentry & Joinery college course than same year and soon discovered a passion for woodworking.

I soon took over my mum’s garage and crafted my own workshop over a number of years, kitting it out with a range of tools and machinery. I had to give that up in 2014, having made the decision to resume the life of living alone in rented accommodation. I’d like to have my own workshop again some day, but for the expense (currently) of renting somewhere in addition to my home and then there’s the issue of having time to use it all outside of a full-time job.

I still dabble in working with wood. My full-time job involves making furniture for a local wood recycling social enterprise and I’m happy to pick up DIY jobs and home improvement solutions as they arise.

Formerly, I’ve written about walking, hiking and camping on these pages but that all belongs on its own blog, Walks with Olly.

Under the ‘Contact Me‘ header in the right-and column, you can follow links to my various social media accounts.


Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

~Olly Parry-Jones, February 2020

7 thoughts on “About OP-J

  1. Hi Olly, I hope you dont mind me contacting you . I live near Bristol and am looking for suppliers of formica sheets . Could you suggest anyone . Would really apprciate it if you can . Regards Andy

    1. Hi Andy and thanks for your message. No worries at all!

      There’s only one firm I know of and that is Bristol Decorative Surfaces (BDS) in St.Werbughs. I collected a 10x4ft sheet of ‘white formica’ from a year ago for about £30. It was in their ‘Fundamentals’ range and is supplied in a roll which should fit in the back of a car with the seats down.

      Other than that, I’ve heard that either Travis Perkins or Jewsons (I forget which!) can order it in. Of course, this lacks the convenience of being to collect it same day at BDS– I’d recommend you give them a call. They offer a delivery service around Bristol but it’s a fixed rate of £30!

      Are you making a router table, by any chance?



  2. Thanks for that info will look them up asap .Er not building a router table tho that would come in handy . Am preparing to start a much bigger project . Converting a 26 seat midi-bus into a motorhome. There will be a lot of structural woodwork to fit and need to consider wall / furniture finish . Eg kitchen and bathroom must be waterproof durable and wipe clean . like formica really . Need to consider weight too tho base vehicle can take 7.5t . A German company -Vohringer – make light weight 18mm surfaced furniture board , but my god is it expensive ! Over £100 for an 8×4 sheet !!! If you have any useful suggestions for alternative materials I would be really grateful . Regards Andy

  3. Olly – I’d recently posted a comment on my blog noting that I was probably causing most of the hits being counted as my site visits … you gently corrected that notion (once logged in, visits to your own site don’t count as hits). How uncommonly kind of you to share that with me! I just wanted to say “thanks” and, now that I see you’re a woodworker (and I like your little step-up bench), I’ll be saving your link off my site to remind me to stop in and see what you’re doing in that little work shop of yours!

    Thanks for a nice start to the year!


  4. Hi Olly. I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for information about the Mendip Way. I am planning to walk the route with my wife this summer to celebrate ten years together. We live locally and have walked many sections of it but never the whole thing.

    I enjoyed reading through some of your walk write ups and like your style of writing. Keep on tramping the countryside and writing about it! You’ve got a lovely style.

    All the best


    1. Hi Felix,

      Thank you very much for your comments and for taking the time to read my blog. I’m very glad you found your way here!

      Your sentiments inspire me to continue writing; to consider taking it further and beyond this blog. Thank you.

      I’m looking forward to tackling the West Mendip Way in one 30-mile long stretch… I think! 😉 Like yourself, I’ve only really known parts of it and I’m trying to avoid straying too close in the mean time so as to maintain that element of discovery. Less than 5 months to go now!!

      All the best to you,


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