Bathroom Bedlam (Part 3)

This post has been coming for too long. I’ve been delaying and postponing in in the hope I’d be able to write it as a conclusion to this DIY project… Right now, it looks as though I’d be doing very well to condense the grand finale in to fourth instalment!

Sometimes, we have to stop trying to be perfectionists. Now, remember that sentence and read on…

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Planer/Jointer Base Stand

Last weekend, in only an hour or so, I built myself a dead-simple softwood stand for my newly-acquired Axminster CT150 6in Planer/Jointer. There’s not much to its construction or design but, it serves its purpose well. It’s made from scraps of 44mm square softwood that I happened to have although, as there was some variation in the thickness between lengths, my first step was to run two adjacent sides of each through my thicknesser.

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Mirka Gold Abrasive Discs

Since writing a review of the Work Sharp 3000 at the beginning of the year, I’ve been approached by several people, asking for advice on where to look for spare and replacement abrasive discs. The kits that Rutlands sell aren’t cheap and, any other PSA-backed abrasives seem to be available only in bulk (from a quantity of twenty-five to one-hundred). My search for ‘ceramic oxide’ [same as the original coarse abrasives] discs in the UK left me in limbo and I wasn’t sure whether even silicon carbide (available from CSM Abrasives) would have the durability required.

So, after a some more ‘Googling‘, I decided to take a chance on a pack of Mirka Gold abrasives – Mirka claim it is suitable for all manner of applications and materials…

Mirka Gold PSA Abrasive Discs

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