Two New Meals

Last week, I attempted two new meals, following a pair of recipes from Norma Miller’s Halogen Oven Cook Book – which is where the cookies I recently told you about also came from.

I am able to say that both meals were prepared to an edible state but I’m still left with several questions and a feeling of uncertainty, as I prepare to re-attempt at least one of them this week.

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I’ll Be Bake

I’ll try to keep this one brief, as you’ve already seen how I was supposed to have created a pasta bake only a few weeks ago. That didn’t turn out very well at all but I’m pleased to report that on my second attempt, with the halogen oven in situ, I was able to make a meal that was entirely edible.

So, one reason for writing this post is to commemorate myself on a successful achievement following an early-learning failure. But I’d also, I think it could be useful to document that it is entirely possible to cook a pasta bake in a halogen oven.

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Life After the Microwave

In an effort to improve my diet and culinary skills(!), I have officially passed on my microwave in favour of a brand-new worktop oven. Another reason for returning the microwave to my mother was because I don’t have a lot of worktop space close to the all-important electrical sockets. I do believe I’m going to miss the microwave somewhat, but only for the convenience of microwaved rice puddings and other quick deserts.

I’ve bought myself a halogen oven, on the recommendation of Doug on one of my YouTube videos. They’re generally regarded as being very energy-efficient while cooking at around 20% faster than a conventional oven.

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