‘Inspired’ Exhibition Update!

With just two-days left to run on this one, I thought it was about time I got around to providing you with a bit of an update and a few photos of what you’re missing out on if you haven’t been already.

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Holy Cramp, Batman!

Just in time for the half-term break, I got my arm chair all glued up at college. It’s quite a relief to finally reach this stage of this build in particular! Even though, I still have a bit of sanding and tidying up to do. To be honest, I’m not sure I would have had enough cramps, had I decided to do this one in my own workshop…

Do you think there are enough sash cramps?!

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Side Table Design

With two July exhibitions looming and a stack of 2in ash left over at college, I’m currently at the design stage for a side table to go with the “Two Tone Throne” [or, chair!!] that I’ve been making this year. My chair will feature at both exhibitions although, as I’m paying a bit extra for the Inspire show (several days after Furnish) and each maker/artist is allowed to exhibit two pieces, I feel it makes sense to try and produce one other piece within the time I have left; something that won’t have been exhibited elsewhere.

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Mocked Up and Ready to Go!

This is what I've decided on for the back slats, which will probably be 'carved' from solid ash.

After several weeks of driving screws and sabotaging every scrap of MDF I could get my hands on, I have an ‘arm chair’ design that I am happy to go ahead with at college [See this post, if you haven’t already]. I’m pleased with how it looks, I find it comfortable to sit in and I look forward to the challenge that all the shaping will bring. As I’m making this at college, it makes sense to use as much of the available equipment as possible and also to explore any new techniques I can. Continue reading…

Save the Chairmaker, Save the World!

My first chair but, not my design. Built back in 2005.
My first chair but, not my design. Built back in 2005.

As you’ll see in my Gallery, I’ve made more than my fair share of ‘square-framed-things’ since I first took up woodwork as a hobby in 2005. At college, I like to take the opportunities to almost push myself and try new things; which is why I have decided that, for my final year [six, if you include the three-years of Carpentry!], I will be tackling ‘The Chair‘. They say that, if you can make a chair then, you can make anythingContinue reading…