Spending, Again!!

You remember that ‘profit’ I talked about making on eBay last weekend? Well, it looks as though it may not even last me for one full week. Auction sites are very dangerous, at times. There I was, casually ‘watching’ an auction for a 6in/150mm surface planer (jointer) in Newport (just the other side of the River Severn). That one sold for only £200 and, in a moment of intrigue, I clicked on the ‘see similar items’, not expecting to find much. Certainly not anything even relatively close to home…

I picked it up this afternoon, straight after work – I’m glad I haven’t yet been able to sell my van! 😀

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Planer Fence Storage

This one actually popped up on YouTube in video form, several days. I’m also pleased to say that it’s had a few views already, with one person so inclined to add a comment as well, which is always welcomed.

One flaw in the ‘convenient’ design of many planer/thicknessers is that you have to remove (and store elsewhere) the fence before you can access the thicknesser. This isn’t usually a problem on larger, more expensive machines but, when you’re only prepared to pay less, you have to come up with your own solution for temporary storage of the fence, as I have done.

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Cheap Extractor Bags

It’s all good and well having a dust extractor to clear all the chips from your planer-thicknesser but, when you’re busy, you’ve got lots of timber and a lot of material to remove, you’ll soon find those bags fill up very quickly! Replacements (most commonly sold in packs of ten) from the manufacturer can easily work out at £1 per bag, or even slightly more. Then, with firms like Axminster, you also have the delivery charge (£4.95 – unless your order total equates to more than £50). With that in mind, I’m pleased to reveal that I have found a cheaper source of suitable bags for my ADE1200 extractor…

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