Air Frying (with a Halogen Oven)

Over the weekend, I received a air-fryer attachment that quite simply allows me to fry foods in my Andrew James 12lt Halogen Oven and in manner that’s considerably more healthy than allow something to sizzle in a pan of boiling grime.

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Friday Night Casserole

Staying with this food theme for another day; I pleasantly pleased with a casserole I concocted on Friday night.

Time to burn.

A week earlier, I’d bought some ingredients to prepare a couple of different dishes but, as it turned out, I didn’t have enough to complete either of them. So, this casserole came together using what I happened to have available.

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Two New Meals

Last week, I attempted two new meals, following a pair of recipes from Norma Miller’s Halogen Oven Cook Book – which is where the cookies I recently told you about also came from.

I am able to say that both meals were prepared to an edible state but I’m still left with several questions and a feeling of uncertainty, as I prepare to re-attempt at least one of them this week.

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Last Week’s Eatings

Had I not purchased a twin-pack of pizzas towards the end of the previous week, I might’ve been able to say now that I’d enjoyed five straight days home-made evening meals. Three out of five remains a good result and there’s still room to improve over the coming weeks (four usually comes after three).

Here’s my trio of main meals from last week. All recipes were taken from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food.

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Egg and ‘Chips’

Eggs. I work with a collection of people who buy them by the tray-load on a weekly basis. What exactly becomes of these ‘hen droppings’ remains a persistent mystery. Can one person really consume 24 eggs within seven days? Only to then repeat the feat a week later?? There must be an impending apocalypse or perhaps word has spread that there’s a golden egg to be found within our region…

They’re an item I rarely buy and, even when I do, a box of half-a-dozen will usually last me at least a fortnight. Beyond the humble scrambled eggs for breakfast, I’d not considered making any other meal with them, before attempting this recipe a few weeks ago now.

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Spaghetti Luncheon

You can’t really go wrong with pasta, can you. It’s the one food I’ve been cooking predominantly for as long as I’ve lived alone. Before I stopped skipping meals and started cooking with vegetables, I used to eat it at least twice a week. It’s fast, it’s easy and you can place almost anything with it.

Bacon – my new favourite ingredient for… Everything!

In the book I’ve been using from BBC Good Foods, I found an exciting recipe for spaghetti that included bacon, of all possible ingredients! I thought I’d already written about this meal (hence the delay) so I’ve already managed to enjoy it twice before sitting down to write here.

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A Man’s Salad?!?

Today, I find myself torn between writing about food and sharing yet another fence panel repair (yes, only my second of 2014 – and I really thought I was done with them the last time!). Having spent the previous evening at a Thai restaurant in the city centre, there’s only way my stomach is going to turn with this post! It’s not really until you start crafting and creating your own meals (following a recipe or from scratch) that you begin to appreciate the joys of dining out. Those anxieties about eating in public soon fade away as you’re waited on and served, with someone behind closed doors having done most of the hard work.

A salad is on the way!

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