Sign of the Times

It is with sad news that I must report that a favoured company of mine, in Bristol, is no longer trading. It was at Bristol Decorative Surfaces, back in 2008, where I purchased a full 10ft x 4ft sheet of Formica laminate to build an MDF-based bench-top router table. I don’t know when this happened but, we have another victim in the gruelling fight against the global Recession.

This news only came to my attention as I was getting ready to order another sheet, recently, for my up-and-coming router table project (this time, a floor-standing one). Plastic laminate is an excellent material for friction-free feeding off timber through or past a spinning cutter. Several people, after finding this blog through relevant search results, have asked me where I could buy a sheet of Formica in the Bristol area… Sadly, I no longer know of where to look myself. There aren’t may other local options (clearly) available online.

If you know of another supplier or, perhaps you have your own suggestions then, please, leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Thank you for reading.

Router Table Design

Earlier this week, I did say that I was going to buy a sheet of 18mm MDF today for the floor-standing router table I was going to begin building this weekend…

Well, I haven’t been able to get as much done on the design-front and, until I’m more certain of the finished dimensions of some of the components, I’m a little cautious of ordering a sheet and having it cut to size – to fit in the back of my van and also, to make life a bit easier handling it at the workshop.

Still, I’d like to share where my design is in its current state, after a brief moment of play in Google SketchUp last night.

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Picket Planters (Part 2)

Part 2 is my Picket Planters video series is now online. It starts off with more machining and ends with all the mortises having been cut on my benchtop, cast-iron hollow chisel mortiser.

In Part 3, I’ll begin by round-topping all the pickets and posts on the bandsaw and, after that, I’ll looking at cutting the tenons on the ends of each rail.

Thanks for viewing.

I Do Love Cookies!

Anyone who’s been following this blog for the past year will know that I’m a fan of Rockler’s work-holding Bench Cookies [if not then, see this post, from almost one-year to the day!]. Back in the autumn, I noticed that the Bench Cookie range had extended over in the US. Thankfully, the new ‘Plus‘ range of accessories made it in to Rutlands’ 2011 catalogue at the dawn  of this year and they’re now available to the UK market (certain products were even on special offer, recently…). It’s taken about three-weeks but, I finally got my order in and, earlier this week, I got to try them out for myself.

Brand new to the UK!

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