Turning 30

It’s already been three-days since my latest ‘milestone’ birthday. I’ve a growing list of food and DIY-related things to write about and share but, for this one, instead of writing about ‘near-mid-life-crisis-thoughts’, I’ve decided to look at what I received on the day and to ponder what, if anything, this might tell you about where I am in my life?!


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Cake No.2

My mum’s birthday came and went very recently and following the success of the chocolate cake-bake for my own birthday bake in March, I decided some time ago that I would be baking a white chocolate [mum’s favourite] cake for this occasion.

Yes, FOUR bars of white chocolate!

Above, you can see all of the ingredients I used (excluding the kitchen cleaner and bottle of olive oil!). Almost every item could be purchased from my local Lidl store, with the exception of only buttermilk and vanilla essence. There’s a chance you could find these in a larger Lidl but, while I was shopping elsewhere with no more than a basket in hand, I decided to buy myself a new liquid measuring jug – one with a scale you can easily read without the need for backlighting!

This recipe is not my own. If you’d like to see it for yourself then please follow the link to All Recipes‘ website.

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Cake Day

You probably weren’t to know, as I haven’t been shouting or raving about it this year, but Monday 31st was my 29th birthday. Yes, just one last year to go before I kiss my younger days goodbye! To celebrate this occasion, I took a couple of days off work and set myself the intention of baking a cake on one of them. It seemed to go hand-in-hand with my newly-found interest in cooking… And I do love cake!

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Birthday Ramble

I did say at the start of this year that I’d be making more of an effort to update this blog with more ‘generalised’ content from my life in order to fill the voids where I’m unable to spend much time in the workshop. Today presents to the perfect opportunity to tell you about a walk I’ve been on with friends. Not only has this been Easter Sunday but it’s also been a day of celebration for my 28th birthday!

View of Cheddar from Pavey’s Lookout Tower.

I think that I’ll spend some time this evening simply writing about the walk and the day itself. Presents, gifts and cards can come in another post tomorrow, or else this post could easily end up twice its length!

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Hand-Picked Box

I made reference to this project a couple of weeks ago in another post. It’s a small gift I made for someone I consider to be a very close friend, even though we’ve only known each other a matter of months. I’ve kept it a secret until now just in case she happened to stumble upon these pages but, there’s no longer any danger of that. She’s delighted with the small plectrum (guitar pick) box that I made for her and I’ll show you how I made it (well, two of them, in fact!).

This is a near-direct copy of something I saw in one of Steve Ramsey’s videos over at Woodworking for Mere Mortals. This video appeared a matter of weeks before I met the young lady in question and, when I realised how much she loved guitars, I knew that I wanted to make a box like this for her… I just needed an occasion! 🙂

If you’ve seen Steve’s video then you’ll notice that I approached things a little differently. For a start, I don’t have a scroll saw but I’m also incredibly safety concious after slicing my thumb open on a stationary planer knife two years ago.

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Quarter of a Century

Just a brief note, really, to say that today is my birthday! 😀

I’ve finally reached that terrifying milestone of twenty-five; those teenage years seem so long ago as I drift ever closer to the big three-oh!! I’m not one for making a big fuss over this things and I rarely demand or expect much, either (especially this year). That’s not to say I haven’t already got my eye on a present to myself, with some money likely to arrive in the coming weeks… 😉

I’m sure I said previously that, after purchasing a 16in bandsaw and a new 10in sliding mitre saw there was nothing else (tool-wise) that I really needed in my workshop… Well, that was a lie – we always “need” more, really; it’s more of a question of what you can squeeze in to your space!!

Who knows… Maybe I’ll be looking to buy myself a drum or wide-belt sander in five-years time (…I’m sure I’ll have acquired a Festool Domino long before then! ;-))

…Oh, well – looks like I’d better head out to the workshop, then!

Thanks for looking. Have a great Easter!