Brent Knoll and the Beach

This is a walk that took place only two-days after my 21-mile trek around the northern end of the Quantocks. With a Bank Holiday weekend and a clear forecast, I was always going to look to make the most of my walking opportunities ahead, with the oncoming 30 mile march that is now, suddenly, only 9-days away at the time of writing! So, after 24 hours of rest, I decided that 11 miles would be a fair effort, bearing in mind that I would have to be in work for 7am the very next day.

Brent Knoll Hill in Somerset.

It’s not one of my own routes but one I found over on The Ramblers’ website. You may have to be a member to view and download it.

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About Walking

My love for walking is only ever growing stronger. It’s less than two-weeks now until the 30-mile slog up and over the Mendip Hills. One part of me can envisage a welcome break from the sport, once the main feat is concluded. Elsewhere, I’m ever hungry to see more. To walk further, although perhaps not in one day!

Down on the Quantocks again; this Saturday just gone.
Down on the Quantocks again; this Saturday just gone.

Again, I find myself falling behind in keeping you updated with my latest outings. I’m considering an alteration to my plan of attack…

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Time to Climb

This Sunday will be a day I’ve been waiting for, as I’ll finally get to lead the walking group on one of my personal favourite routes. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed each of the previous two walks I’ve led but the ascent up to Crook Peak has been a firm favourite since my first journey almost a year ago. I look forward to seeing how the others take to it, especially for those who may not have even heard of it (several members of this group are relatively new to Bristol). I’ve extended the original route I found by about 5 miles, if my memory serves me correctly. I hope the extra climbs and the endeavour aren’t too much.

Once again, Brent Knoll Hill fell immediately in to my sights upon reaching the car park.

Last Sunday, in spite of a sore throat and a runny nose, I dragged myself down to Axbridge so that I could confidently complete the second half of this route, after a little mis-direction on my first attempt to negotiate the woodlands west of Cheddar Gorge

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