Leading on the Quantocks – October 2016

Saturday 29th October 2016

This walk was originally scheduled to take place seven-days earlier.

But, the symptoms of a bad cold began to develop within me between Wednesday and Thursday, leaving me feel quite weak, occasionally dizzy and physically less capable of leading a group up and over the Quantock Hills.

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Wotto’ Lovely Walk

Sunday 10th January 2016

My most recent walk was up in the southern half of the Cotswolds, beginning and ending in Wotton-Under-Edge. Without resorting to an internet search, I’ve no idea where the town gains its name – it’s not as self explanatory as, say, Bourton-on-the-Water…

This was a group walk led by someone else and the first time I had joined Brunel Walking Group since July of last year, when I led an unfortunately wet and wild walk across the Mendips. With a slightly more forgiving forecast for the day of this occasion.

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Soaking Up On Solsbury Hill

Today, in spite of the advice from every local weather forecast I could find, I headed on out to Marshfield, just south of the Cotswolds, to go on a 10.5 mile hike down to Bath‘s Little Solsbury Hill and back up again. Next Sunday, I’ll be leading a group along this same route. But for a failed MOT and absence of a car last weekend, I’d have done this already.

From the top of Little Solsbury Hill, looking over Bath.

I’m not going to drone on about a walk I’ve already covered – and, of course, one I’ll be covering for the third time in 4 months come next Sunday evening. But I have selected a handful of photographs from the day and I’m going to share those with you, along with some of the things I noticed on this return outing.

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February’s Fall

Just when I thought it was safe to stow away my claw hammer; the gale-force winds returned and I found myself faced with another fence panel repair and post to replace. I guess I forgot to knock on wood. It’s ironic that the lighting bolt would strike the same spot again, mere weeks after assuring myself that my time as a fence panel-repairer was over.

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Returning to Priston

It’s been almost three-weeks to the day since I last went on a walk! In part, I blame the wet weather, the cold, the fact that I broke my camera last week and also, that my walking boots are no longer waterproof and need replacing… But these excuses are not good enough. It is now four-months to the day when I’ll be walking a good 12 hours across the Mendip Hills. I need to keep my fitness levels up and, as always, there’s going to be room for improvement.

Back in Stanton Prior, three months later.

This was a brief walk to revisit a route I enjoyed a few months ago, albeit under warm and dry weather.

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New Year, New Post

Some of you may recall that I had to replace a rotten fence post last spring, repairing the breeze-battered panel in the process. That’s been bringing a lot of traffic to my site recently, which my come as know surprise to you, if you live in the UK and you’ve had to experience some of the recent natural forces. I had to do the same again last weekend but on the opposite fence and so, I thought I’d write about that as well, because there are some differences.

When the wind blows…

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