Every Lidl Helps

This weekend, I can proudly say that I have completed my first ever shop in a local Lidl store! The prospect of ‘budget grocery shopping‘ is something I debated only a couple of weeks ago and, at a new age (personally) and with the summer months ahead, I decided that this was a good time to go.

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Budget Supermarkets?

This evening’s post is dead simple and comes with a question. Largely aimed at people living in the UK but I’m also aware these ‘budget’ supermarkets originate from Europe.

So, have you shopped at Lidl or Aldi? What is your opinion of their products and service compared to the larger supermarkets?

You see, I try to stick to my budget and I’m aware that preparing your own meals can be expensive initially (investing in vegetables) but then I begin to think about the rest of my shopping, with all the brand-name items and sweet things I can’t seem to do without.

I’m wondering how, say, a pack of chocolate bars from one of the other two supermarkets might compare with a similar item from the ‘value’ range of one of the others. Generally speaking, is there less to choose from when you’re paying less?

I’ve stuck with a large, well-known supermarket (who I try not to name on this blog) simply because there’s one almost across the road from where I’ve worked for nearly 3-years now. It’s most convenient. There are other large supermarkets in the same town but I’m also aware that there’s a Lidl a little further on and around the corner.

Someone recently suggested to me that their meat is much cheaper, after I bulked at the prospect of paying £4 for chicken and instead went with Quorn at £2.50.

Where do you get your groceries from?

Thanks for reading.

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The Cost of Living

This is a post that I’m sure will resonate and strike a chord with many people. At the same time, I fear it’ll also irritate others; the type of people who might cry ‘Well, what about me? We’re all struggling!‘ when I guess I’m kind of saying the same thing! But I intend to keep this personal about my situation because, well, it’s my blog. Part of my intention is to look at what I’m spending, to compare that against what I have to spend and then, to see where I can potentially make some cuts.

Pounds Sterling
Pounds Sterling (Photo credit: 917press)

So, I’m going to start off by sharing a simple list of my current monthly spending budget:

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Need More Sash Cramps?

As woodworkers, we never seem to have enough cramps, particularly the longer ‘sash’ variety, when it comes to assembling almost any project. At the same time, most woodworkers don’t like to throw away even the thinnest of slivers when it comes to sorting through their offcuts (yes, I know I like to keep plenty of “dowel blanks“…).

Well, here’s a potential solution that’ll kill both problems with one stone, which I found over on the Frugal Woodworking blog:

[Click here to watch at Blip.tv.]

Such a simple solution and, for small scale edge jointing operations (perhaps only two or three boards at a time?), it seems to be effective. If you’re worried about the diagonal cramping and not getting pressure in all the right areas then, you could put another cramp on the underside, effectively creating an ‘X’-shape, if the timber boards were transparent. If you do make some of these cramps though, be sure to give all surfaces a good coating of wax – or else, you may find they end up sticking to your work as the glue cures!! 😉

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