NYE by the Sea

Thursday 31st December 2015

My final walk of 2015 was a coastal one, although not part the coastal walk I’ve been doing with a friend. I had hoped to do a long walk on New Year’s Eve – much like last year, when I ended up walking twenty-one miles from and to my doorstep. But the wet weather this week has been somewhat relentless and, on the driest day we’ve had this past week, I lost a couple of hours having new tyres fitted to my car.

Reluctant to sit indoors wishing the time away, I chose a fairly ‘easy’ short walk down at Burnham-on-Sea. Perhaps only for a couple of hours until lunch, before further rain was forecast to fall.

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Brent Knoll and the Beach

This is a walk that took place only two-days after my 21-mile trek around the northern end of the Quantocks. With a Bank Holiday weekend and a clear forecast, I was always going to look to make the most of my walking opportunities ahead, with the oncoming 30 mile march that is now, suddenly, only 9-days away at the time of writing! So, after 24 hours of rest, I decided that 11 miles would be a fair effort, bearing in mind that I would have to be in work for 7am the very next day.

Brent Knoll Hill in Somerset.

It’s not one of my own routes but one I found over on The Ramblers’ website. You may have to be a member to view and download it.

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Yesterday was quite an exciting time for me, as I led a group of 20 other people on an 8-mile ramble around the hills of Bath. It was the first time I’d led the walking group and I have many positives to take from the whole experience. I’ll tell you about it another time because today, I’m going to reflect back one week to another brief outdoor adventure, with the day booked off work.

The beach at Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset.

I took a 30-minute journey south to Burnham-on-Sea and it was mainly for sentimental reasons that are too personal to disclose on this blog. It was the first time I’d visited the seaside-town since a school trip two-decades ago and I’d been curious about revisiting the area for sometime. My return bought back a few memories and more positives to take from the day away from home.

All of the photos here were taken with my Nikon S8200 camera but some have been ‘enhanced’ through the power of Instagram.

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