Holy Cramp, Batman!

Just in time for the half-term break, I got my arm chair all glued up at college. It’s quite a relief to finally reach this stage of this build in particular! Even though, I still have a bit of sanding and tidying up to do. To be honest, I’m not sure I would have had enough cramps, had I decided to do this one in my own workshop…

Do you think there are enough sash cramps?!

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Carving for Comfort

Two travishers; one seat.

This week at college, I’ve managed to get the English walnut seat carved out to a comfortable formation for my own bottom. While I spent the best part of both days (thirteen hours) on this, including endless amounts of sanding and applying a coat of oil, I have to say, carving a chair seat isn’t complicated at all. There are a few basic guidelines for getting started, that you may come across in a couple of woodworking books but, the most important thing is to check it regularly (literally – sitting down on the job!) and work evenly on both sides. I also borrowed a couple a travishers for this task as it’s really all you need for something like this.

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Buying Too Much Wood (Again!)

For those of you who don’t already know, I have a habit of buying too much timber for any given product – whether this is actually a bad thing or not; I’ll leave that decision up to you! There was the workbench build back in the summer [see my old UKworkshop Blog], an oak drawer-leaf dining table in September, another extending table in beech for my mum… While my workshop is quite literally filled to the brim with left over wood, today, I collected and dropped off an ‘excessive‘ amount of locally-grown hardwood to the college workshops. Continue reading…