Stanley 195611 Fatmax Backpack

I wrote, in a previous post, of my intention to buy a backpack for storing my most-used hand tools. Well, days after writing that, I went out an bought the Stanley 195611 Fatmax backpack from my local Bunnings Warehouse. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to get around to writing about it.

For those who don’t know: Wesfarmers the Australian company who own Bunnings, purchased Homebase in the UK, well over a year ago now. They’ve already ‘rebranded’ ten former Homebase stores around the UK, including my local one, at Worle in North Somerset.

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Tool Storage: Backpack?

Last weekend, I was working at a friend’s house for the whole two days. This meant lugging a portion of my tools (mostly hand tools) and accessories from their storage location, in to my car, to and from the house and then back again, once the job was complete.

I quite like being able to do jobs for other people but I’ve never been a fan of physically moving tools back and forth.

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Time to Paint

Another couple of weeks and I’ll be moving out on my own; a good couple of miles away from my current workshop. That means that any time I intend to spend in this current workshop after the move (while I still have access to it) has got to be spent doing something productive; not wasting time fiddling with the settings on a tool or machine, or trying to reorganise my workshop for the umpteenth time. I know I’ll be needing a few things for my new home and, although it will mostly be made from pine due to costs, I’ll need to be ready to get on with it. That’s why I’m currently working hard to get my workshop in order, now, before the move.

With the suspended floor as good as complete, I’ve turned my attention now to sorting through all the household junk and clutter. I’ve already filled the boot of my car twice in taking stuff to the local recycling centre and, thanks to a large amount of interest from an ad I placed in my local Freecycle group, I promptly found a taker for the 6ft long shelving unit that was hogging lots of space near the door:

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Renault Kan-Do!!

It’s almost time for me to say goodbye to the bruised and abused Ford Escort, a surprise eighteenth birthday present back in 2003, which has surprised all the doubters in making it this far. If it wasn’t for my own negligence in failing to check the level of oil in the engine back in September then, no doubt, I’d be looking to renew both my tax and insurance at the end of this month. Instead, the old hatchback from 1994 is destined for a scrap yard – well, it never was going to be the ‘ultimate woodworking vehicle‘…

A few weeks ago, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a 1999 Renault Kangoo van with a 1.9lt diesel engine and, having watched many used Citroen Berlingos and similar small vans go for the best part of ┬ú2,000 on eBay during the past six-months, I would’ve been mad to have dismissed the chance to purchase this one, with only 68,000 miles on its clock.

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Toolbox Upgrade

A few months ago, I made a simple, tote-style toolbox from pine offcuts for carting a basic set of hand tools around the house and to and from my car when I’m working away. Throughout the last few weeks, it’s seen a lot of use as the dawn of Autumn (with the odd early hint of Winter…) has inspired me to get all the exterior DIY work finished so that the house is “water-tight” (this mostly seems to involve renovating rotten windows using lots of filler and splicing in scraps of oak where necessary).

This week, I’ve made a couple of simple alterations to this “prototype” that have improved the convenience of having all my tools available to-hand. You can probably spot them from photo above. For further information, please read on below…

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While I’m Working…

A few weeks ago, The Wood Whisperer (Marc Spagnuolo) made an honest admission (with a video) that the current layout of his workshop, one-year on, was far from ideal when it comes to actually making something [see Shop Evaluation Update]. I thought it was great to be able to see the true state of his ‘shop, while he’s working – which is something you don’t get with with most Workshop Tours, since the author generally has a thorough tidy up and puts everything neatly back in to place, ready for the camera…

I’m equally as guilty of this myself. ­čś│ So, in order to clear my┬áconscience and┬ácleanse┬ámy soul, let’s take a look at how much ‘shop has been looking for the past week… ­čśĽ

Enter, if you dare...!!

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Bad Door Made Good (Part 3)

As I’m still waiting for the weather to improve so that I can finish painting our new back door and show you some finished shots; in the meantime, I thought I’d try and update you a bit about what went on in between the previous post and now. Although I didn’t take any ‘progress’ shots of the door hanging-process in action, I can at least show you the kind of state my workbench ends up in – even though I’m working away from the workshop…!

Not a pretty sight!

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Workshop Tour – 13/08/2010

Has it really been six-months already?! Doesn’t time fly…

[Click here for my previous Workshop Tour.]

Welcome back to my workshop. Please step inside to see how (or, if!) things have changed since February…

Come on in!

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