Post Christmas Purchases

January is often seen as a good time of year to grab a bargain on, well, anything – but, here, I’m talking about woodworking tools, of course! Well, not exactly spinning circular saws or routers but the recent seasonal discounts offered by Axminster and Rutlands have allowed me to stock up on a few essential purchases, in addition to the brand-new Bench Cookies I recently added. These aren’t all intended to be used solely in the workshop; several items have been purchased with scribing and on-site fitting in mind and for general carpentry jobs that could become the ‘bread and butter‘ of my future furniture making business.

It all started with this set of Stabila spirit levels

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Another Quangsheng Plane

Where I say ‘another‘ in the title above, what I mean is that this block plane is the first one from the Quangsheng range that I have owned. I was so impressed with the rebating block plane that I borrowed [thanks again, Matthew!] several months ago, that I couldn’t resist buying one of these in the current Rutlands sale, with the ridiculously low prices. Actually, it’s a shame they don’t also stock the rebating planes, or else I’d have bought one of those as well! 😀

Ignore the label, Tom...! 😉

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