Planemaker of the Year 2010 Entry

As we cross the deadline for British Woodworking’s Planemaker of the Year 2010 challenge [apologies if I hadn’t mentioned it before!], I’m now happy to walk you through the design of my entry. I also understand that all entries will be on display at the European Woodworking Show, early next month.

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Tea Tray

Another day and another piece is ready for the Furnish exhibition in July! 8) It’s a tea or ‘serving’ tray made from a contrasting combination of brown oak and regular English oak. Sides are angled or ‘canted’ at 20° and, while it may look deceptively tricky to do; trust me – with a sharp blade and a half decent saw, a simple frame with compound mitres like this is a doddle to cut! Gluing it up, however – not so easy!

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