Stanley 195611 Fatmax Backpack

I wrote, in a previous post, of my intention to buy a backpack for storing my most-used hand tools. Well, days after writing that, I went out an bought the Stanley 195611 Fatmax backpack from my local Bunnings Warehouse. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to get around to writing about it.

For those who don’t know: Wesfarmers the Australian company who own Bunnings, purchased Homebase in the UK, well over a year ago now. They’ve already ‘rebranded’ ten former Homebase stores around the UK, including my local one, at Worle in North Somerset.

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Toolbox Upgrade

A few months ago, I made a simple, tote-style toolbox from pine offcuts for carting a basic set of hand tools around the house and to and from my car when I’m working away. Throughout the last few weeks, it’s seen a lot of use as the dawn of Autumn (with the odd early hint of Winter…) has inspired me to get all the exterior DIY work finished so that the house is “water-tight” (this mostly seems to involve renovating rotten windows using lots of filler and splicing in scraps of oak where necessary).

This week, I’ve made a couple of simple alterations to this “prototype” that have improved the convenience of having all my tools available to-hand. You can probably spot them from photo above. For further information, please read on below…

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Following the Line

It’s fair to say that I’ve been procrastinating away from making progress on this cherry bookshelf (hence the flurry unrelated posts in between this one and the last!). While it took me the best part of two-days, I did eventually manage to get the dovetail joints cut and fitted, and I’m now ready to start cutting the sliding dovetail housings for the shelves, later on this week. This was also the first time I had used my new dovetail saw, made by Atkinson Walker in Sheffield.

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