Grandpa’s Workshop

If you’re a follower of the Lost Art Press then, you’ll no doubt have heard about Grandpa’s Workshop. It’s been blogged and reblogged all over the place for the last few months and, quite recently, it became available in the UK, thanks to Classic Hand Tools.

Brown paper wrapping
Brown paper wrapping

I haven’t bought anything tool or even wood-related for a while but, as I’m in to reading and especially writing at the moment, I decided to purchase this one, as soon as I read about it in CHT’s monthly newsletter.

Grandpa's Workshop - Maurice Pommier
Grandpa’s Workshop – Maurice Pommier

I cannot review the book just yet as it now sits amongst an ever-growing pile of books I’m slowly working my way through. Instead, I thought I’d take some time and photographs to show you just how delicately wrapped it was upon delivery last week.

Tools List
Tools List

Had I bought this book from an average seller on Amazon then, I’m sure they wouldn’t have gone to the effort of wrapping it in brown paper. As a hardback book, many might see this step as unnecessary, within the confines of a jiffy bag. But, it certainly is a very nice touch and, of course, you get the extra satisfaction from having to unwrap an item you’ve already received and opened. I don’t wish to share the contents of this book, even after I’ve read it, as I’d hope you might consider buying it yourself some day. Just inside the front and back covers, you’re presented with a tools list for everything featured further ahead (or behind).

If you are interested in a review though, I would suggest you look here.

I apologise for the quality of these photos as the lighting isn’t great indoors.

Thanks for reading.

I Do Love Cookies!

Anyone who’s been following this blog for the past year will know that I’m a fan of Rockler’s work-holding Bench Cookies [if not then, see this post, from almost one-year to the day!]. Back in the autumn, I noticed that the Bench Cookie range had extended over in the US. Thankfully, the new ‘Plus‘ range of accessories made it in to Rutlands’ 2011 catalogue at the dawn  of this year and they’re now available to the UK market (certain products were even on special offer, recently…). It’s taken about three-weeks but, I finally got my order in and, earlier this week, I got to try them out for myself.

Brand new to the UK!

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FURNISH, Bristol – 8th-13th July 2010

This evening (or, late-afternoon, if you prefer…), the FURNISH Exhibition kicks off in Bristol. A few of us began setting up yesterday, without everyone else arriving around midday today. I had to unload my pieces in two trips, partly because my chair and the curved cabinet were both awaiting a final coat of polish! So, I’ve been in and got my space set up. As of 6pm, the punters will start rolling in…

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Anyone for Cookies?

Issue no.16 (February/March) of British Woodworking magazine has just hit shelves. If you haven’t already bought a copy, I’d highly recommend you do so, (if only to read about the drop-leaf table I built at college, last year!). Earlier in this issue, you may have noticed that I recently bought a set of four bench cookies from Rutlands (previously only available from Rockler in the US; also available from Classic Hand Tools). In addition to what you may have already read in that article, I wanted to take this opportunity to delve in to a bit more detail. Just how useful are these cookies…? Continue reading “Anyone for Cookies?”