Double Glazing Film

At the time of writing this; my landlord has already agreed to replace the rotting timber windows that adorn my ground-floor property. Single-glazing doesn’t help to provide the most comfortable of winter-time temperatures and with the temperatures having plummeted to as low as freezing (and below) in recent weeks; I decided to take a chance upon trying an inexpensive secondary glazing film kit


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Combating Mould

A common symptom of dampness and insufficient ventilation, particularly during the winter months. If you’re already aware of black spots or damp patches on your walls and ceilings then you know your home is ‘infected’.

But there is a cure. In fact, by browsing the internet you can uncover a range of home-made and personal solutions. What’s most important though, is that you get at it ASAP, as those spores, in spite of their size, can be seriously detrimental to your health.

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Coming Unstuck

A couple of weeks back, I forewarned you of the dangers of leaving your workshop contents ‘un-prepared‘ for fluctuations in the British weather during the winter (see here). While cast iron can be cleaned of rust and protected again with relative ease, I also showed you an image of the drawers below my workbench; two of which had found themselves in a partially-open state and were refusing to budge. Yesterday, I decided to do something about this…

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Snow Joke

Although these photos were actually taken two weeks ago, earlier this morning, it began snowing again. There’s no much of it on the ground right now but, when it does settle and you’re left with a good couple of inches on the covering all, there’s actually a lot that we can learn, as woodworkers, about the positive effects of draught-proofing and fitting roof insulation (if, like mine, you’re workshop doesn’t already have these things).


Gluebox Tote

This is a job I should’ve done about six-months ago… We’ve just been through the coldest winter in Britain for thirty-odd years and, as a consequence, I’ve had to throw away a couple of bottles of PVA (at least, they were less than half-full). Over the years, I’ve come to accumulate a growing supply of woodworking adhesives and it’s enough of a chore having to cart my timber in and out of the house to protect it from the cold and damp – what I’ve been in need of, then, is a simple means of storage and single-handed transportation…

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New Look

Well, today hasn’t started out as well as I’d have hoped. Not only is the weather wet and miserable but, the temperature has dropped and I woke up with a stinking cold. Normally, my birthday is a day full of sun shine and I think this is the first time I’ve been ill for the best part of twelve-months – is this a sign of things to come; going downhill as I grow older??? 😕

At least I’ve finally got around to changing the theme of this blog. It’s something I’ve actually been unhappy with for a while. It was just too dark. Hopefully, this new look should brighten things up a bit!

Looks like I’ll be out of the workshop for a couple of days and may also miss college tomorrow (lots still to do on that chair; not a lot of time left!). It’s all ironic, really, as I’m pretty busy at the moment and may have a second exhibition coming up in July… More on that in a future post!

That’s all for now. Let me know what you think about the new look.

Thanks for reading,