Tomato Week

Before another week begins, let’s take a moment to travel back beyond the previous 7 days to look at what I made and ate during my second productive week in following my new cook book.

This time, the theme is undoubtedly going to be tomatoes.

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Baking Brioche

After an undeniable absence following on from my birthday cake at the end of March, I returned to world of baking last Thursday, with a day off work as my car sat in a local garage awaiting its MOT test (and inevitable failure). This time, I was going to bake some brioche rolls or loaves. Brioche is a product that looks very appetising but it’s not something I could remember having tasted before. I bought the ingredients for this not long after making my chocolate cake so it would be very hard for me to state that I was unprepared for this in any way!

You can find the recipe for this one insideĀ Bread Revolution and therefore, I’m not going to disclose too many details on this page.

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Last Week’s Eatings

Had I not purchased a twin-pack of pizzas towards the end of the previous week, I might’ve been able to say now that I’d enjoyed five straight days home-made evening meals. Three out of five remains a good result and there’s still room to improve over the coming weeks (four usually comes after three).

Here’s my trio of main meals from last week. All recipes were taken from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food.

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Good Burgers

It’s official! I am finding my way back in to the kitchen again! Flicking through one of my latest cook books, I thought there was no better way than to start off with some fairly straight-forward burgers.

There’s a recipe for this and it comes from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food – a belated birthday blessing from one of my closest friends. Let’s see how I got on! An initial reaction to this book is that I enjoy its layout with the near step-by-step photos to accompany each meal – something sorely lacking from some of the other books I’ve been using.

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Cake Day

You probably weren’t to know, as I haven’t been shouting or raving about it this year, but Monday 31st was my 29th birthday. Yes, just one last year to go before I kiss my younger days goodbye! To celebrate this occasion, I took a couple of days off work and set myself the intention of baking a cake on one of them. It seemed to go hand-in-hand with my newly-found interest in cooking… And I do love cake!

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Pepper Le Puke

My previous attempt at cooking this chicken and pepper stew went about as well as several other meals I’ve attempted this year… In that some of it ended up burnt and, from the visual perspective, it came out a lot ‘darker’ and unappetising than I’d hope for. About three-weeks ago, I braved a second attempt at this dish and the end result was familiar but for one major change…

It didn’t just leave me feeling ill after consumption; I was physically sick that very night!


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Egg and ‘Chips’

Eggs. I work with a collection of people who buy them by the tray-load on a weekly basis. What exactly becomes of these ‘hen droppings’ remains a persistent mystery. Can one person really consume 24 eggs within seven days? Only to then repeat the feat a week later?? There must be an impending apocalypse or perhaps word has spread that there’s a golden egg to be found within our region…

They’re an item I rarely buy and, even when I do, a box of half-a-dozen will usually last me at least a fortnight. Beyond the humble scrambled eggs for breakfast, I’d not considered making any other meal with them, before attempting this recipe a few weeks ago now.

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Substituting with Stew

When I first bought the Meals for One book from BBC Good Foods, I flicked through the pages and immediately, this recipe for a chicken and butter bean stew leaped out as an immediate favourite. It seemed a little bit challenging at the time and I still don’t know exactly what a paprika is! But after weeks of experimentation, I decided to give it a go in the middle of last week.

Yes, that’s for “Chicken” and butter bean stew…

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