Stained or Tainted?

This photo shows the top surface of an Arts and Crafts-style TV stand that I designed and made back in 2008 (it was also published in British Woodworking magazine in June of that year). I’ve just bought myself a new flat-screen TV (belated birthday present) to replace the big, old bulky one I had before. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see where heat emissions from the old ‘picture box’ fought their way through the Danish oil finish (three coats, as I remember it) to create this ‘stained’ effect. Maybe ‘tainting‘ of the finish is a better term?

Wood Stained or Oil Tainted?

Just thought it may be of interest. Perhaps oil finishes aren’t the best for this type of furniture?

But, they’re so easy to apply…

It shouldn’t be an issue with my new TV though, as that sits on its own stand – if you want to see what I bought, see this post on my other blog.

Thanks for reading.

FURNISH, Bristol – 8th-13th July 2010

This evening (or, late-afternoon, if you prefer…), the FURNISH Exhibition kicks off in Bristol. A few of us began setting up yesterday, without everyone else arriving around midday today. I had to unload my pieces in two trips, partly because my chair and the curved cabinet were both awaiting a final coat of polish! So, I’ve been in and got my space set up. As of 6pm, the punters will start rolling in…

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My New Best Mate!

Saved from the scrap bin!

That old adage “they don’t make ’em like they used to!” certainly applies to the modern design of the Black & Decker Workmate. As woodworkers, there is little we can do to improve the strength and quality of the frame. But, when I noticed a growing pile of beech offcuts in the corner of my workshop, I decided there is something that can be done about the flimsy manufactured top…

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