Double Glazing Film

At the time of writing this; my landlord has already agreed to replace the rotting timber windows that adorn my ground-floor property. Single-glazing doesn’t help to provide the most comfortable of winter-time temperatures and with the temperatures having plummeted to as low as freezing (and below) in recent weeks; I decided to take a chance upon trying an inexpensive secondary glazing film kit


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Fixing the Top

I’ve had a good weekend in the workshop so far, which means that my social life definitely isn’t improving… Actually, I still have two days left (thanks to the Jubilee), it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll have the router table completed very soon indeed.

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Snow Joke

Although these photos were actually taken two weeks ago, earlier this morning, it began snowing again. There’s no much of it on the ground right now but, when it does settle and you’re left with a good couple of inches on the covering all, there’s actually a lot that we can learn, as woodworkers, about the positive effects of draught-proofing and fitting roof insulation (if, like mine, you’re workshop doesn’t already have these things).


Rust Returns

Since draft-proofing the up-and-over garage door in December, not only does it appear to have improved the working conditions of my workshop in winter but, I’m facing a constant battle with the dreaded rust, with all the cold weather we’ve had lately. To some, this may not sound unusual. In which case, I should point out that, in the five-years that I’ve [almost!] been able to call this garage ‘my own‘, I have never known a situation quite as bad as this. Read On…

Wrapping Up for Winter

Can you feel that cold draught???

Despite the fact that old man winter is already here, I’ve spent this past weekend trying to insulate my awkward up-and-over garage door. One day, I would like to replace this with a pair of solid wooden doors but, right now, my budget won’t allow it as I have other things to focus my limited spending on. This door is the only port of access to my workshop (now that I have tall shelving unit blocking the rear window!) and it’s a real pain having to open and close it when nature calls, for example. Or, when I can hear my dog barking at what is hopefully a courier with my latest tool purchase (and not another Jehova’s Witness or Irishman offering to power wash our drive!!). Continue reading…