I’d Rather Have Snow…

Just as I was getting dressed and ready to leave the house for work this morning, there was a knock on my bedroom door. Mum was eager to tell me that another fence panel had blown down overnight; narrowly missing her car and lying obtrusively on the drive. It wasn’t the panel I ‘repaired’ over the weekend – as I said then; that one’s never going to come out!! This one is as tall as it is wide.

A new day and another panel falls to the ground!

These photos were taken in the daylight, after I arrived home from work a couple of hours ago, using my phone as well (8 megapixels, apparently… Although, I rarely bother to preset the white balance). All I did in the darkness was to pick up all the loose stuff and to dump it infront of the workshop.

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A Bad Week

First, I’d like to apologise to all you readers for my absence from this blog in the past week. There’s a lot to catch up on and I aim to get on with that in due course. I haven’t spent much time in the workshop at all during this past week, as I’ve been working away on other things and, with the pleasant change in weather here in the West [until today! :roll:], I’ve been doing a lot of DIY outdoors (repairing and repainting the shed, repairing rotten windows, re-painting, pulling weeds, etc.). At the beginning of the week, I had a brief spell in the ‘shop and, as the image below should tell you, I wasn’t having one of my better days…

Evidence of RAGE in a woodworking 'shop!

Anger can be a very dangerous thing when you’re around sharp tools and woodworking machinery. However, I won’t go in to the feelings that expressed this outburst of “rage” on my PPE, as it was purely unrelated to woodwork.

But, on this occasion; some time away from the workshop was quite welcome, as I could’ve potentially hurt myself, had I carried on in that mood… 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Normal service to resume, shortly…