Easter on the Quantocks

Walking on Easter Sunday is becoming somewhat of a tradition for me. It began in 2013, when a friend invited me out on a walk across the Mendips (a date that also coincided with my birthday for that year). Last year, I remember climbing Brent Knoll Hill to discover the large crucifixes that had been erected upon the summit.

Those crosses were again visible on the same day in 2015. Only, this time, I was heading a little further down the M5 and to my latest walking ‘home’ – the Quantocks!

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Pepper Le Puke

My previous attempt at cooking this chicken and pepper stew went about as well as several other meals I’ve attempted this year… In that some of it ended up burnt and, from the visual perspective, it came out a lot ‘darker’ and unappetising than I’d hope for. About three-weeks ago, I braved a second attempt at this dish and the end result was familiar but for one major change…

It didn’t just leave me feeling ill after consumption; I was physically sick that very night!


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The Mendip Hills

Last weekend, I wasn’t at my best. I’m been suffering with a persistent cold/sore throat for a good week and I feared it was going to prevent me from getting out an enjoying what has become a weekly walk at this time of year. But it didn’t and, so that I didn’t push myself too hard, I decided I would finally tackle one of the shortest walks in the book titled 8 Wild Walks Across the Mendip Hills.

Beacon Batch trig point, at Black Down on the Mendip Hills, Somerset.

On paper it’s always looked like a pretty boring, uninspired walk, if I’m honest. There’s probably a lot I’m missing as I’m not much of a geography enthusiast plus, I’d already seen this area of the Mendips too many times. So, while I was up and ready to get going, I decided that I would try to extend the walk slightly, to make it more appealing.

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28: Unwrapped

I’d like to start by saying how refreshing it was to write a post on this blog that wasn’t about woodworking. It is a hobby and interest that has consumed so much of my life for the last few years but in 2012. I don’t mean that in a critical way as it’s largely down to my personality (we all make our own choices). In 2012, I began to break-away from the isolation and to explore other interests and I would encourage other ‘wood bloggers’ to be more open and rounded in their approach to sharing on their pages. If nothing else; it’s a great way to keep the content flowing while you’re unable to make sawdust and shavings, for whatever reason.

…”Happy Beard-day”??

It was Easter Sunday, it was also my birthday and I greatly enjoyed the day. Now, I’d like to share with you some of the items I received yesterday; material possessions that has less relevance compared to the value of things like true friendship, which I have also discovered within the last year.

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Birthday Ramble

I did say at the start of this year that I’d be making more of an effort to update this blog with more ‘generalised’ content from my life in order to fill the voids where I’m unable to spend much time in the workshop. Today presents to the perfect opportunity to tell you about a walk I’ve been on with friends. Not only has this been Easter Sunday but it’s also been a day of celebration for my 28th birthday!

View of Cheddar from Pavey’s Lookout Tower.

I think that I’ll spend some time this evening simply writing about the walk and the day itself. Presents, gifts and cards can come in another post tomorrow, or else this post could easily end up twice its length!

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