Boxes for Christmas

Fear not, I’m still alive and I do still have intentions of getting back in the workshop before Christmas! Other things have been taking over lately and, as I did state recently, I’m enjoying a bit of a break from my seven-year-long ‘obsession‘ with this craft.

As I mentioned on my Facebook page recently, I’m planning to make and complete a couple of boxes in time for Christmas. If I can, I’ll document them, write about them (not just here) and offer them for publication in a UK magazine. If I don’t keep them both then, I already have a recipient in mind for one and I may try to offer the other as well.

Right now, I’m just looking forward to completing a small but enjoyable project like this. It’s been about five-years since I last made a box like this!

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Beautiful Beech

On a much lighter, less-sickening note, I wanted to share with you this lump of beech I found while tidying up my workshop last week:

Although I can’t recall the other dimensions, it’s 2in (54mm) thick and is leftover of the stash I bought home last year when I was building a dining table for my mother. Well, I never actually planned to use it on that table – I saw this board at Interesting Timbers and just “had” to get it in to my car!! 🙄 Since then, it’s been buried deep behind my wood pile (mostly oak and MDF) and, looking at the grain, I’m starting to think about what I might be able to use it for…

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