Run All Night / The Royal Tenenbaums #LoveFilm

As I first watched the trailer for Run All Night in the cinema (a little over a year ago), I saw it as another attempt to ‘revive Bryan Mills’; Liam Neeson’s iconic leading role from the Taken franchise. I’d seen other films (including Unknown) that seemed to attempt the same feat, but with a relatively underwhelming climax.


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Frank / The Guest

Frank is a film I first saw inside the Cinedrome tent at the Green Man Festival in August 2014. I’d seen trailers for it earlier in the year that hadn’t done anything to sway me in to buying a ticket sooner. My friend was keen to go and, being open-minded, I joined her, stealing two of the final ‘floor seats’ inside the tent that evening.


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Sin City 2 / Taken 3

I enjoyed the original Sin City and it’s comic book-style (I don’t think I was aware that it was born in a series of graphic novels, when I first saw it) upon its release as I still do to this day. I had some expectation for Sin City 2 but, I’d also become aware of the average review scores plastered across the internet.


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Wild / 300: Rise of an Empire

There’s one film that arrived through the post recently that I’d be highly anticipating for many weeks… It would’ve been quicker to have bought the DVD but I decided to play a game of patience. Bundled with that, came another title with far lower expectations. I’m not even sure why that one was even added to my LoveFilm Rental List…


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Jim Carrey and the Guardians

By now, I’m sure most people will have already seen Guardians of the Galaxy. If no then, you’re surely well aware of the film from 2014 and its rather stark popularity. But my second title from the previous pair of LoveFilm DVD rentals is one you may not have heard of, despite being over a decade old… It stars Jim Carrey and so, it seemed like it was worth a punt.


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