Monday Night Shopping

It’s a well-known fact that Monday is the most depressing day of any week, which is why I decided to fill my evening (essentially the short-break between two excessive stints at work) by placing an order online with Axminster for various bits and pieces for my workshop. That usually gives me something to look forward to, later on in the week, when the parcel arrives the next working day (which, in this case, was Wednesday – today!).

I was only really in “need” [there’s that word again!] of a few different finishes so that I can finally sign-off from a growing collection of projects that aren’t quite complete. But, as you can see, I ended up adding several other items to my Basket before heading through the Checkout…

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Oil Going Well?

Despite my regular absence from these pages lately, the two planters that I’ve quietly been working on are nearing completion. I will have some video for you in good time (or, you could browse through a selection of photos in my Flickr album).

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I Do Love Cookies!

Anyone who’s been following this blog for the past year will know that I’m a fan of Rockler’s work-holding Bench Cookies [if not then, see this post, from almost one-year to the day!]. Back in the autumn, I noticed that the Bench Cookie range had extended over in the US. Thankfully, the new ‘Plus‘ range of accessories made it in to Rutlands’ 2011 catalogue at the dawn  of this year and they’re now available to the UK market (certain products were even on special offer, recently…). It’s taken about three-weeks but, I finally got my order in and, earlier this week, I got to try them out for myself.

Brand new to the UK!

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Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer

Jubbly-bubbly... Or not!!

Most of the past week has been spent finishing (literally!) various bits and pieces – look out for future posts in the next week or so. While I began lacquering my English cherry bookshelf several weeks ago, it just wasn’t going as well as I had hoped and the finish was less than satisfactory. Before binning the leftover lacquer and switching to Osmo’s hard wax oil though, I sent an e-mail to Chestnut directly, to see if they could offer any advice…

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Wood Machining Project 2009

About a year ago, I finished this relatively simple table, which was the wood-machining project for all second-year students in 2009. We were given twenty-six hours within which to complete the table and sand it ready for finishing – despite having to re-veneer the top and cut two new legs at one point (!!), I still managed to finish well within the allocated time (which equates to two full weeks or four-days in college, excluding breaks), although I did lose a few marks, as a consequence. We were only recently allowed to take these home and this has now given me a chance to think about finishing the piece…

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