Daylight, All Night

It was a only a few years ago when I revamped the lighting within my workshop with a series of daylight-coloured bulbs. Sources online had suggested these bulbs provide the ultimate working (artificial) light and that certainly matched my own findings. At the time, I never gave any thought to the psychological benefits a good lighting and it is only now – well, a fortnight ago – that I have decided to improve the quality illumination with my home.

Daylight-coloured bulbs match the light from outside.


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Workshop Day-light!

What a difference a bit of daylight makesĀ  inside the workshop!

Just in case you haven’t figured out what I’m saying ;-), my first order with TLC-Direct arrived yesterday, as promised. It’s great that they can makes such ‘Fragile‘ items available for local delivery. What I found even more gratifying was that my order arrived complete with the two 3ft tubes I was previously informed were temporarily out of stock – I highly recommend this company and the addition of daylight fluorescent tubes to your workshop. Continue reading…

For the Sake of Free Delivery!

If you’ve been following the Chest of Drawers I’ve just finished building on the UKworkshop forums then, you’ll know that shortly before completion, I ended up buying an extra tub of stain that I didn’t actually need! This has really gotten so – warning in advance! – I felt like a bit of a rant… Continue reading…