Flattening Frustrations

Last night’s ninety-minute session in the workshop led to little else but frustration and disappointment. I marched out to the ‘shop, ready to begin the process of flattening the two leg frames -which, as I admitted in the previous post; didn’t go together quite as tight, square and neatly as I had intended.

This process began with a couple of bench planes; resulting in a mountain of shavings on the bench top and a wooden frame featuring torn-out grain in places where I’d cut across the corners to try and save time flattening.

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Leg Frame Jointing

After another two-hours in the workshop last night and, after sitting down to type this post after a long day at work, I find myself coming to the realisation that blogging is more enjoyable when it’s more ‘impulsive’ like this and almost bite-sized (compared to my usual posts). I plan to much and stress about getting each post perfect, a lot of time. That’s not really what blogging should be about (I’ve been here before but, with a lack of workshop activity – I think – I lost my way again).

Last night, I looked long and hard at the fold-out leg frames and how I would joint and assemble them…

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Folding Desk, Day Three

Continuing straight on from Saturday’s efforts in the previous post; Sunday began with the finalisation of a few areas in preparation for the final assembly and glue-up of the rear ‘fixed’ portion of the folding desk.

I wanted to cut away a portion of each ‘foot’ so that it would sit more comfortably on a level floor and, as luck would have it, my under-used 6in diameter Sander Sitter provided me with the perfect radius. I cut the waste away with a jigsaw and cleaned it up a bit on my bobbin sander.

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Day Two on the Desk

I’ve probably said this before but, it really never seizes to amaze me just how long even a ‘simple’ pine project can take to make! You visualise all the basic things but, in spite of the training I’ve had in making furniture, I easily forget some of the necessary practices – like sanding to remove machining marks. I do sometimes wish I had a drum sander to simply send boards through as I seem to be going through 120g 4in wide sanding belts at an alarming rate. Pine is sticky stuff with all the resins and that doesn’t help. Really, I should be looking to use 80g for all the donkey work (that would explain why I haven’t so many 80g belts left but, I’m now down to my final 120g belt in the box…).

Plenty has been going over the weekend and, if I were to update it all in this single post, you’d still be reading it by the time I leave for work tomorrow morning (once I’d finished writing it!). So, in this post, I’ll just update you on Saturday’s events, with Sunday’s efforts to follow tomorrow (I’m secretly hoping to have this finished-or-very-close by next weekend…!).

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I was only back in April [see Sawhorse Solution] that I last re-built a new style of saw horse for my workshop! Unfortunately, I never really got along with that idea. It has potential but, it was let down by the cheap Tee-hinges and needed to have timber bracing fixed directly underneath, or else the whole thing could lean to one of three-sides while you’re working – I learned this while trying to¬† rip down some 12mm MDF sheets, the other week, for my display plinths at the Furnish exhibition!

So, I’ve left my pile of books on the shelf and, this time, I’ve devised my own solution…

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