Walking in Box

Let’s go back to January; a fresh month at the beginning of a brand-new year. On that very first weekend, I went out for a walk and, as I had done two-weeks earlier with the trip to Slaughterford, I continued my exploration of western Wiltshire with a few hours spent in an area famed for one Peter Gabriel (among other things, I’m sure).

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Tite-bond? No Kidding!!

Those folks at Titebond were serious when they came up with the brand name for their range of adhesives. I made the mistake this winter of leaving all of my glues out in the workshop, where they were exposed to all the harsh frosts and sub-zero temperatures that we experienced (even as recently as last week, let us not forget). As I’ve slowly found my way back in to my workshop recently, I needed examine each glue bottle carefully to ascertain which ones, if any, were still perfectly good to use…

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