Let’s Take a Seat

After another early Friday finish at work, I’ve spent the afternoon lazing around at home, feeling the after effects of an unexpected, hard-hitting cold. My nose may have stopped and my throat is beginning to clear at last but, I’m still feeling quite dizzy in my head and a little weak elsewhere. Almost flu-like symptoms.

I’m also moving home on Monday and heading back to live in mum’s house, which is also very close to my workshop… I’ve already shifted a load of boxes to save a bit of time and, with all the floor space now available (at home, not in the workshop!!), I’ve found my attention drawn towards the arm chair I made at college, two-years ago now…

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‘Inspired’ Begins!

Just a brief note, this one, to say that the ‘Inspired‘ exhibition at the Ashton Court Estate (Bristol) opens this morning. Hours are 10.00-16.30 daily, with the show closing next Sunday afternoon (25th).

All are welcome and, if you’re in the area at all over the next eight-days, it’s definitely worth a look. Not only for that, but also, the grounds and mansion itself are worth a look, if you haven’t visited before.

Just follow the signs in to the Visitor Centre and the exhibition space is upstairs in the Hayloft Gallery. Along with all the fine furniture, there is some art and carved/sculpture work.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photographs for you at the minute as the layout was still being organised when I dropped my two pieces off yesterday morning. I should be there Thursday and Friday though and I’ll update this thread/add a new post as necessary.

(I’m quietly confident that I may find a buyer for my arm chair and side table… Watch this space! ;-))

Thanks for reading.

This Was ‘Furnish’

At 7pm last night, the curtains closed as the 2010 Furnish exhibition in Bristol came to an end. It’s hard to gauge at this point just how “successful” this has been for everyone involved (speaking in the sense of running a business, receiving fresh inquiries and taking commissions…). Everyone seems to have enjoyed it although, some days were quieter than others. For several (myself included), this was the first furniture exhibition we’d been involved with and there’s certainly much that we can take on board from this. All round, the quality of the work on show was excellent and it seemed to be very well received by the public, judging by the words left in the comments book.

There’s talk we could get together and repeat this event (with new pieces, of course!) again, next year – I’d certainly look forward to that!

Rather than posting them all here, it would be easier for me to direct you to my Flickr album, where I’ve uploaded my own low-quality shots of some of the pieces (unfortunately, I had to delete a few because they were even more blurry than some of the ones you’ll see there! :oops:). Bear with me and I’ll have a brief description for each photo, detailing who the maker is.

(Feel free to comment on any of it; here or there.)

Simon’s also organised another Flickr account for everyone to upload their own photos of the event in to the same place – it’s fair to say that those with better cameras and a little know-how have done a better job at capturing our work than I have! Have a little patience and hopefully this album will be full with a week. Click here to see it.

Now, I’m looking forward to ‘Inspired‘ (at the Ashton Court Estate, Bristol). We set up on Friday morning, ready to open Saturday morning. It’ll be interesting to see how this one compares (I know Sue has done this sort of thing before) and how it differs to the ‘Furnish‘ exhibition. I’m sure they’ll be something we can all take in and, with the show covering two weekends, I can’t think of any reason why the good (and wealthy! :-D) people of Bristol won’t be able to attend!

Thanks for looking.

Update: ‘Furnish’ Exhibition – Details Confirmed!

Just a quick note to say that the ‘Furnish‘ furniutre exhibition for Bristol-based makers has been confirmed for July! This exhibition will be running from Thursday 8th ’til Wednesday 14th at Paintworks, which looks to be an excellent venue for both exhibitors and viewers alike. You’ll find more details instructions with map on their website but, for anyone who knows the area, they’re on the A4 (Bath road) heading towards Bath from the centre of Bristol, near Totterdown. Continue reading…

Workshop Day-light!

What a difference a bit of daylight makes  inside the workshop!

Just in case you haven’t figured out what I’m saying ;-), my first order with TLC-Direct arrived yesterday, as promised. It’s great that they can makes such ‘Fragile‘ items available for local delivery. What I found even more gratifying was that my order arrived complete with the two 3ft tubes I was previously informed were temporarily out of stock – I highly recommend this company and the addition of daylight fluorescent tubes to your workshop. Continue reading…

Looking Toward 2010

It may have taken me over two-months but, I’m now ready to make the transition over here, to WordPress! Sadly, it is time to close the door on my UKworkshop Blog; I hope we don’t lose many followers in the process! That blog was dead easy to easy and was, in fact, no more challenging than making a post on any the forums.¬† I feel it lacked the flexibility that some of the others sites can offer, which is why I’m here. I did also consider Blogger, which has proven to be very popular over the years. But, in trying to keep up with the times, WordPress appears to be the new no.1.

So, where to start?

As you some of you may have read in my previous blog, I am keen to participate in a local exhibition for Bristol-based furniture makers, early next year (currently pencilled in for February). Continue reading…