Workshop Tour – 13/08/2010

Has it really been six-months already?! Doesn’t time fly…

[Click here for my previous Workshop Tour.]

Welcome back to my workshop. Please step inside to see how (or, if!) things have changed since February…

Come on in!

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Workshop Tour – 13/02/2010

Admittedly, I should have made this post several months ago, back when I first created this blog on WordPress. Little has changed within the last four-to-six months, to be honest. Though, I do intend to make this a regular ‘feature‘ of my blog; opening a new ‘tour‘ every six-months. This way (as a post), we can all look back and see how work has progressed, without having to over-write the previous content (which is what I’d probably have to do in creating a separate page).

Please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle – hope you enjoy the tour!

Step Inside!


Welcome to my brand new blog! Those of you who’ve followed me previously at UKworkshop will have a good idea of what to expect.

Having built a new workbench, applied white emulsion paint to half the walls and given the layout a bit of a shuffle generally, my garage-cum-workshop is looking better than ever before! There is still much work to be done and I hope you’ll follow me along the way as I strive to obtain maximum working space in a home workshop. Maybe I’ll even get that leaky roof sorted at some point! It would also be nice to lose the up-and-over door, which is far from ideal when you’re over 6ft tall!