Leading on the Quantocks – October 2016

Saturday 29th October 2016

This walk was originally scheduled to take place seven-days earlier.

But, the symptoms of a bad cold began to develop within me between Wednesday and Thursday, leaving me feel quite weak, occasionally dizzy and physically less capable of leading a group up and over the Quantock Hills.

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Quantock Hills Walk – October 2016

Sunday 2nd October 2016

Barely two-months from the end of the year and I was keen to get another walk submitted to Brunel, so that I could reach another personal goal of having led five walks in 2016. A feat I had not achieved since 2014.

There were many locations I could’ve chosen and a few ‘difficult’ pre-walks along the way… Once again, I found myself returning to the familiar Quantock Hills.

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Quantock Greenway South (Part 1)

As 2 months have now passed since I did this walk and completed my initial exploration of the Quantock Hills, it’s about time I shared it with you! As with the Northern stretch of the Quantock Greenway, this post will arrive in two parts.

Cothelstone Manor.

It was a sunny Saturday morning, I was up and out of the flat nice and early and my destination was Fyne Court; a National Trust property located in Broomfield. It was surprisingly easy to find; heading down the A38 through North Petherton and I noticed the National Trust sign posts immediately (although, you may prefer to take an alternative route if you detest or fear long and narrow country lanes).

Entrance to Fyne Court with free car parking beyond.

This half of the walk will take you to my lunch stop at Triscombe Stone, which you may recognise as the halfway point from the Northern walk.

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