On a day where I’d usually be out roaming the countryside, I’ve instead decided to take some time out to continue to furnish my new home with the help of Freecycle. Severe flooding has hit Bristol and North Somerset in recent days and with rain continuing to fall as I type this, I’m actually quite glad to be indoors today.

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‘Skeleton’ Wardobe Design

It’s almost official now that I’ll be moving home sometime within the next month. This past week, I’ve found a flat that is affordable and it’s enough for my needs. There’s still the issue over workshop contents and self storage to be encountered but, with winter only weeks away, a quiet period is often expected at this time of year. The only difference now is that I won’t be ‘awakening’ from hibernation in the spring. I can look back on 2013 as a positive year. By far, it’s been more productive than either of the last two years and my following on YouTube has increased by more than 300% – I do intend to keep my presence active on that channel but I’ll delve in to that another time.


Now, my attention turns to furnishing my next home.

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The Right to Recycle

Earlier today, when I got home from work, I wanted to get out in to the workshop and to get myself in the mood to at least finish off a few loose ends that have been hanging around for too many weeks now. Upon opening the door, I was reminded that the wood bin was already flowing, I had a box-full of shavings that needed to be disposed of and my bin bag of non-recyclable/general waste was pretty much full. With the odds and ends sat in disorder on the drive as well, this meant taking a trip to the local tip (sorry, ‘recycling centre’) before I could get on with anything properly.

Making an effort to clean your works space can often be beneficial. It would make a lot of sense if I was consistent in doing this at the end of every work session but, I too often leave things for return, at a time when I just want to be able to close the door and get on with things…

My van – back when it was new (to me) in 2011.

Anyway. No sooner had I arrived at the site with barely a boot-full of waste for disposal (I usually carry a lot more), I was greeted by one of the staff members as I pulled over for my first stop at the bay for small electrical items…

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