Tool Storage: Backpack?

Last weekend, I was working at a friend’s house for the whole two days. This meant lugging a portion of my tools (mostly hand tools) and accessories from their storage location, in to my car, to and from the house and then back again, once the job was complete.

I quite like being able to do jobs for other people but I’ve never been a fan of physically moving tools back and forth.

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Cotehele Mill

Tuesday 19th July 2016

From the map I’d been given, it didn’t look like a long walk from the house and gardens to Cotehele Mill. But it would involve following the narrow roads downhill. I didn’t fancy walking back uphill so late in the day and hopped in to my car.

At first attempt, I settled in to the wrong car park – as it happened, this was the main car park for the house, meaning that I’d unknowingly parked in the large overflow car park earlier. Righting my wrong, I made my way downhill and to the next car park.

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Fixing a Sagging Wall Unit

This weekend has started with a somewhat-familiar bout of DIY. But instead of reaching for my dust sheets, paint brush and roller, I’ve been able to break out a few simple woodworking and carpentry tools that’ve slowly begun to gather light rust inside my storage boxes.

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First Lot to Go

It may be cold outside and there may still be snow on the ground, with the threat of more to follow later in the week but, I still made it out to the workshop today! Only to arrange some hand and portable power tools that I no longer ‘need’ and can sell… Still, it was nice to get out there briefly. Even though my work gloves felt like sheets of ice, as I picked them up from my workbench.


This is my first ‘wave’ in the process of decluttering my workshop, freeing up some space and, of course, preparing for the inevitable. Read on below, and you’ll see what I’m selling and why I no longer need it.

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New (Old) Tools

There’s no need to get too excited about this one… One of the members of a UK woodworking forum was offering a variety of unused, unwanted tools for sale. Including within his listing, were an assorted variety of screwdrivers, pliers and files, as you’ll see below:

No-one else had come in for them by the time I’d discovered the listing so, I swooped in and bought the lot!

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Recent Shopping

As I recently posted that rather blatant advertisement for Workshop Heaven’sFree Shipping Fortnight‘ on these pages recently, I may as well show you what I ended up buying. I didn’t spend nearly as much as I would have like; most of the small items I purchased will simply aid me in my day-job, where we regularly have to drill precisely-sized holes in combinations of timber and plywood.

One thing I neglected to mention is that, after moving premises recently, Workshop Heaven have also revamped their website. There may still be products to be added to the database and, at these early stages, you may encounter one or two ‘hiccups’ with site navigation but, it has to be said; it is even cleaner and much faster to load than their previous pages.

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Another Toolbox Addition

Before we go any further, I hope you’re not thinking that I’ve spent several hundreds of pounds [or dollars – not that I actually have either at the moment!] on something shiny and new to add to my tool collection! What it is, is that I’ve come up with another improvement to the toolbox tote that I built some time back.

This new feature (one on either side) allows me to carry a pair of 20in or 22in hand saws (panel saws, if you will; the cheap disposable ones – I’m sure you know! ;-)).

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