Kitchen Complete?

There was a third DIY task that I accomplished in the kitchen over the weekend and it was without a doubt the simplest task of them all, even though I suspect some people may not be as accustomed to to this kind of job as others…

I installed a simple wall rack for hanging saucepan lids.

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Keeping Cables Tidy

Temperatures have been soaring this past few days, with the mercury rising in the daytime close to the 20°C mark – and to think, I had to scrape thick frost from my van’s windscreen on Monday morning! That hasn’t deterred me from spending some time in the workshop these past couples of days and I’ve keeping myself busy with a few little things, all of which I’ll update you on in the coming days.

First up, I have a solution for keeping machine cables and leads tidy. If you’re anything like me and need to keep your kit mobile in order to maximise you’re restricted floor space, you’ll know too well the pain of having to plug-in and unplug your tools on a regular basis. Tripping over leads, damaging the plugs – that doesn’t have to an issue, with this simple-to-make solution…

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Making a T&G Gate (Part 1)

My poor, lonely workshop. I haven’t been able to make much use of it recently, even with the three-day Bank Holiday weekend that’s just passed. Still, in an effort to clear some more excess wood from inside, I have been making some progress on a tongue and groove gate I promised I’d make and fit for my mother, erm, over a year ago… 😳

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