Painswick Walking Video

Every now and again, I compile a series of photos to create a walking-themed video for my YouTube channel and today, I’ve uploaded my latest, based upon a Cotswolds walk around Painswick from May 2014.

I wrote a blog post about it last June, which you can read here. Otherwise, please continue reading for a little more information on this video. Your feedback, at the end, is welcome and appreciated as always.

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About Walking

My love for walking is only ever growing stronger. It’s less than two-weeks now until the 30-mile slog up and over the Mendip Hills. One part of me can envisage a welcome break from the sport, once the main feat is concluded. Elsewhere, I’m ever hungry to see more. To walk further, although perhaps not in one day!

Down on the Quantocks again; this Saturday just gone.
Down on the Quantocks again; this Saturday just gone.

Again, I find myself falling behind in keeping you updated with my latest outings. I’m considering an alteration to my plan of attack…

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