Circuit of Bath 2016 (Part 2)

Sunday 25th September 2016

With the canal tow-path portion of the Circuit of Bath walk ending at the visitor centre, I could continued my walking towards Limpley Stoke.

Still, with thoughts of an imminent lunch-stop in mind… If only, I could find the perfect place.

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Circuit of Bath Walk 2016 (Part 1)

Sunday 25th September 2016

This would be my third attempt at the Circuit of Bath walk since 2014, as I opted to participate in a different event on the same day last year.

It’s an annual event organised and in support of the charity Julian House. For my third year, I would again be looking to tackle the full twenty-miles of the circuit that surrounds the city.

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Walking for Charity

It’s a frightening thought but we are already in to September! At the end of this month, I’m walking 20 miles for charity along a circular route known as the Circuit of Bath. It’s an annual event that is organised by the Julian House; an organisation who provides support, food and shelter to homeless people living within the city.

Please click here to sponsor me

I’d like to ask people to consider sponsoring me and you are welcome to do so at this link above. If you don’t wish to, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t expect anyone reading this to do anything but I would also be grateful to anyone who shares this.

I've already got the T-shirt!
I’ve already got the T-shirt!

I’ve already bought myself a T-shirt, as you can see above but if I fail to raise any sponsorship money them I will happily donate something from my own pocket, which is what I understand my friend does.

Thank you all for reading.