Mendip Challenge 2016: 10 Mile Route

To conclude this three-part series in disclosing the truth of walking Weston Hospicecare’s thirty-mile Mendip Challenge, we’re going to take a look at the final 10 Mile Route.

Beginning at Kings Wood near Winscombe; this is where participants in the 10 Mile challenge set on from, on their return to Uphill.

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Mendip Challenge 2016: 20 Mile Route

Halfway way up the B3135 Cliff Road deep within Cheddar Gorge, the 20 Mile Circuit of the annual Mercury Mendip Challenge officially begins at the roadside entrance to Black Rock.

This section forms the first half of the complete 20 Mile Route and does not concern anyone walking the 10 Mile Route.

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Boxing Day and the Breeze

Boxing Day – a time when many people will be flocking to the shops to pick up all the latest ‘bargains’…

While there are one or two items I could possibly do with, I’d rather run to the hills (literally), avoid the chaos of this season and spend the day doing something I enjoy.

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Goblin Hunting…

It’s been almost three-weeks since I actually did this walk, on one of two days I happened to have booked off work. I’ll save you from your disappointment now though – there were and are no goblins along this route, or any other, for that matter (at least, as far as I’m aware). This post is about Goblin Combe; a valley filled with tall trees and rocks that has always been within walking distance of home. It wasn’t until a group walk earlier back in February (led by someone else) that I revisited this area for the first time in many years, despite it being less than half-a-mile away. I’m not sure what kind of fear was preventing me but I wanted to re-explore it for myself and it was also convenient in the sense that I wouldn’t have to start my van; the fuel costs were non-existent (I do spend a bit extra with all this driving around to different locations).

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Breaking Through My Heart

Looking back through my photos from days out and walks in 2012 last night, I came across these images in a folder labelled King’s Wood. This is an area of woodland near the village of Winscombe; across the A38 from Axbridge and only a stone’s throw from Cheddar, which I blogged about on Sunday night.

Car Park Sign

It also neighbours Ba Crook Peak, which was one of my favourite solo hikes from last year (albeit, a short one). On a second walk up and beside Kings Wood, following the Strawberry Line from across the A38, I noticed this prominent sign for pedestrians, indicating a return route to the local car park.

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