Leading in Wiltshire

Sunday 17th May 2015

This was not my first walk-leading experience in Wiltshire but it was certainly more central and recognisable than the one I lead around Box near Corsham back in November.

It’s identical to a route I follow in April 2014 on my own. I could remember dark clouds and hailstones from my first visit. Normally, I’d squeeze a pre-walk in between as well but, on this occasion, I took a bit of a gamble, having not walked these paths for over a year, with half-a-dozen followers putting faith in my direction.

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Avebury and Beyond

Another Sunday, another walk around Wiltshire with Brunel Walking Group! This time and under the guidance of another new (to me) walk leader, we headed further east and in to Avebury, from which we began our walk a stone’s thrown from Silbury Hill and just off the A4.

Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.

I’m going to share a handful of photos with you in this post and if you’d like to see the rest (all 32), then you’ll find a link at the bottom.

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