Planer/Jointer Base Stand

Last weekend, in only an hour or so, I built myself a dead-simple softwood stand for my newly-acquired Axminster CT150 6in Planer/Jointer. There’s not much to its construction or design but, it serves its purpose well. It’s made from scraps of 44mm square softwood that I happened to have although, as there was some variation in the thickness between lengths, my first step was to run two adjacent sides of each through my thicknesser.

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White Goods in the Workshop

There’s been a least one ‘white goods’ item (in this case, a chest freezer) in my workshop since the very day I started woodworking. Occasionally, I would use it as a part-time assembly and storage table (dumping ground), until the day I made a right mess of the top; covering it with a wide mixture of teak and linseed oil, among others! After that, I decided I would try to ‘protect’ it with a chipboard top (too little, too late). This freezer hasn’t been active for the best part of two-years now but, I know that the insane weight of my cast iron, benchtop mortiser can’t be doing it any good. I also know that, one day, it may be called in to service, which is why I spent the previous weekend working on a solution that would be better for everyone.

Here’s a photo of what it used to be like, taken almost six-months ago:

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Sawhorse Solution

Two old horses.

One of the items that’s been sitting near the top of my To-Do List pile for some time now involves replacing my existing pair of saw horses with something more ‘functional’ for a small workshop. This previous design also came from Danny Proulx’s Toolboxes and Workbenches title, like the toolbox tote I completed earlier this week. They’re not a bad design. In fact, they are very sturdy and will withstand a good amount of weight (as I found out, last summer, when I buily a 6ft workbench from 3in beech). I keep tripping over the feet, which consume valuable floor space on their own. They can be removed and stored on the legs but, it’s a real chore and a bit of a faff. A sound design then… But still, you need a good amount of working space to avoid any trips and falls.

So, what have I now come up with?

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