Mud / Moonrise Kingdom

Mud is one of those films that Amazon randomly recommended to me, along with a list of others, inside an e-mail. Perhaps it was because I’d been renting other titles (Contact) that happened star Matthew McCounaghey. Either way, I was intrigued to see more about this man apparently living in the wild, surviving by his own means.


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Contact / Requiem For A Dream

Contact first came to my attention whilst reading views of the masterpiece that is Interstellar – and this was several months after first viewing it on the big screen. Another film involving space and Matthew McConaughey that in spite of its age (made in 1997), is still regarded as one of the finest examples of science fiction.


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Frank / The Guest

Frank is a film I first saw inside the Cinedrome tent at the Green Man Festival in August 2014. I’d seen trailers for it earlier in the year that hadn’t done anything to sway me in to buying a ticket sooner. My friend was keen to go and, being open-minded, I joined her, stealing two of the final ‘floor seats’ inside the tent that evening.


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A Beautiful Mind / The Hobbit

A Beautiful Mind is a biopic starring Russell Crowe, who portrays the life of John Nash (a man who died tragically in May of this year). Mr. Nash is a man who develops schizophrenia and, throughout the film, we get to witness the affects not only on the man himself but also, how the disorder affects his interactions with those around him.


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Watch. Love. Repeat

In 2014, I was fortunate enough to be able to experience a number of impressive and entertaining films at the cinema. In this post, I’ll recount my experience of revisiting one of them, while welcoming another film inspired by the enjoyment of a separate film.


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Elysium Vs. Looper

As those winter evenings fade to a distant memory, I’m finding myself less attracted to sit around watching DVDs at home on a regular basis. But one of the greatest benefits of renting from LOVEFilm is that you cannot get penalised with ‘late fees’ as the time you’re allowed to hire discs for is indefinite.


With the two films I’m writing about briefly this evening, both were in my possession for a good fortnight, if not slightly longer. That’s partly because (very true to my form), I fell asleep and missed large portions on each film across multiple viewings! But I’m now able to write, having seen enough to know more or less what I’d like to say.

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