Starting at the Base

If I’m going to have to clear out my workshop at some point this year then, I’m going to need to ensure that all of my machines can be moved easily, even if they only end up going in to the back of someone else’s car or van. Most of my machinery is already catered for in that respect. My mortiser will need looking at (that’s got to be close to 200kg in weight) but first, I’m turning my attention to the Scheppach TKU Site Saw I was given a few months ago.

Mobile Base for the Site Saw.

As soon as we slid (and scraped) it inside the door, I wanted to come up with a design for a mobile base that would allow me to easily lock it in position for cutting. I struggled on my own and so, have procrastinated until now. It’s thanks to a YouTube video (which you can watch below) that I’ve found my inspiration for this one.

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Spending, Again!!

You remember that ‘profit’ I talked about making on eBay last weekend? Well, it looks as though it may not even last me for one full week. Auction sites are very dangerous, at times. There I was, casually ‘watching’ an auction for a 6in/150mm surface planer (jointer) in Newport (just the other side of the River Severn). That one sold for only £200 and, in a moment of intrigue, I clicked on the ‘see similar items’, not expecting to find much. Certainly not anything even relatively close to home…

I picked it up this afternoon, straight after work – I’m glad I haven’t yet been able to sell my van! 😀

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Pillar Drill Table

Up until the sharp drop in temperatures around here recently, I was discreetly working away on a new table for my Axminster ED16B pillar drill. It’s surprising how long it had taken to get to the stage you can see in the first photo, below… Working only two-days each week due to work and other commitments, I reckon it took the best part of three-weeks to get this far – and, I’ve still got some work to do on the fence!

Step inside and I’ll show you some of the main features of this design so far, while also explaining my reasoning behind them.

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Cheaper Cable Clamps

About seven-months ago, I reported on a new purchase I had made at Rutlands with a new range of “accessories” I hadn’t come across before (see Cable Clamps). Even to this day, I maintain that the smaller sizes are excellent for use with power tools; keeping both the power leads and extraction hoses at bay and contained within the same line. You may recall that I found the largest size wasn’t quite large enough to keep my 100mm hose safely out of the way of my thicknesser’s outfeed and also; the general opinion from some readers was that even the smaller sizes were quite expensive. Well, on a recent browse through my Toolstation catalogue, I came across another solution that’s even less likely to harm your wallet…

Hook & Loop Cable Ties from Toolstation

In case you can’t quite read the fine print below the above image; these are hook and loop cable ties. Available in one of three different lengths; black or white; sold in packs of ten, with a velcro fastening.

I made the mistake initially of buying the smallest size in the range… These were just about long enough to wrap around the hose on its own but, this did mean that I was unable to actually latch the ties on to something else to suspend them clear of the thicknessing bed. On my second trip to my local store though, I got it right, played safe and went for the 450mm lengths, which have proved to be more than adequate.

Unlike the traditional plastic cable tie, these velcro ones are designed to be used again – although, it does remain to be seen how long their ‘grip‘ will last under within the sustained, murky atmosphere of a small garage/workshop (I don’t own an air filter and have been cutting a lot of MDF lately – but, so far, so good!).

I hope you’ve found this interesting. Perhaps they’ll even solve a hose-holding problem within your own workshop?

Thanks for reading.

Planer Knife-Setting Jigs

A couple of years ago, Rutlands introduced a new knife-setting jig to their range for setting the blades accurately on surface planing and thicknessing machines (I guess you might also be able to use it on some spindle tooling as well). Since its first appearance in their catalogue, I hadn’t been able to find a single review or even a few brief comments from someone who might have bought one… They’re currently on special offer for this week and so, I decided to take a punt!

My new knife-setting jig.

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Startrite 401e Bandsaw

This monster’s been in my workshop for a few months now. In that time, I’ve been able to do just about everything with it – from cutting curves and shaping, to to forming lap joints and deep-ripping wide boards of hardwood. There isn’t much that I haven’t already done with it [I’ve even broken a blade and ripped the tyre off the top wheel!!] so, I think it’s about time I gave my verdict.

[WARNINGThis is going to be a long one!!]

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