Summer Solstice Walk 2014

Almost two-months have since passed. Living in the south-west of England, it’s clear that the dreaded long nights are already beginning to draw in. But at least the weather’s holding up (it could be colder…).

This is going to be a recollection of a walk I did on the evening of the Summer Solstice earlier this year. It began in my current home village of Wrington and continues up on to perhaps the most commonly known heights of the Mendips. These photos begin as I made my way across the A38, heading south.

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West Mendip Wander

I’m sat here, itching to tell you about my walk on the Quantocks last Friday but instead, I’ve decided to write about another adventure. Largely because it follows the chronological sequence of events; partly because I’m frustrated that Flickr (owned by Yahoo) have recently overhauled their website and so, getting the image URL from specific photos is currently more of a chore than ever!

The first hurdle, straight across the road from the car park!

Fewer photos is working better for me at the moment. But, having just completed two walks over the Easter weekend, you’ll be able to catch up soon, regardless of how long it takes. This walk across the Mendips took place about 10 days ago.

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Always Walking

You know me; I like to walk. As much as I also enjoy writing, I’ve found it hard to keep you up to date with my walks of the past fortnight, because there have been three of them! This post is going to briefly summarise two of them, because you’ve (hopefully) seen much of each route before the third walk, being a new one to me, is going to require more effort and dedication before you see it published.

No, that is not a selfie!

So, starting off one day before my 29th birthday; I took a routine climb up to Crook Peak, two-months ahead of the 30-mile Mendip Challenge.

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Three Months to Go!

It is now three months to the day when I’ll be heading west across the Mendip hills for a full and enduring 30 miles! Just like the Circuit of Bath walk at the end of September; this one’s in aid of another charity, Weston Hospicecare. If you read about the work they do, you’ll quickly realise how indispensable they are. I’m sure we all know at least one person who’s been diagnosed with cancer.

I’ve touched on this event in a couple of my recent walking posts and now, the time feels right to begin asking for donations and so, I’ve just this morning created a fresh page on JustGiving.

Again, I’ve decided not to set a target as that can bring with it the anxieties and pressure that can surround expectation and disappointment, particularly when goals are not met or exceeded. I’m asking for people to consider and I’m hoping that a few will donate a small amount. Chances are that I’ll remind you again at the beginning of April, in May and then in the penultimate weeks before the big day.

You’ll also find a convenient ‘Sponsor Me‘ button has been added to the top-right hand corner of my blog.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Twelve weeks or so and it suddenly seems so real… It could take a good 12 hours but I’m excited and looking forward to it!! 🙂

Thank you for reading. I do hope you might consider a donation. Best of luck to everyone else who is also entering this event.

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Priddy Good

Continuing in chronological order, this was officially my first walk after moving house. I’m excluding any walks in the local village for the time being because I’m building up a collection of photos from where I live.

New boot; same old boots.

This walk came from one of the Walk West books. It begins in Priddy and then continues south-westerly towards Rodney Stoke via. Westbury-sub-Mendip. This was also my first adventure in my new car (a Ford Focus Estate), one week after the cam belt suddenly went on my van; causing all sorts of damage to the engine (tubes, etc. all badly bent). I was quoted a minimum price of £800 to begin the repair, for which I realised that I could buy another second-hand car! Plus, I’d already spent close to £1,000 on other repairs over the previous 12 months. It was time to change.

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A Priddy Good Day

Today, I took myself out for a walk. There wasn’t much activity going on in the walking group (well, they had a training day for anyone interested in learning to lead a walk) and a couple of my friends were either ill or busy. So, I headed out alone. Priddy was an area of the Mendips that I hadn’t previously explored and there was one walk in my book (Three Priddy Droves) that had been on my to-do list for a while. Completing this one would mean that I had essentially ‘completed’ each of the 8 Wild Walks Across the Mendip Hills.

Before we go any further, I’d like you to take a look at the map below.

‘Three Priddy Droves’ – a 4.5 mile walk around the Mendip Hills in Somerset, UK.

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