Tea Tray

Another day and another piece is ready for the Furnish exhibition in July! 8) It’s a tea or ‘serving’ tray made from a contrasting combination of brown oak and regular English oak. Sides are angled or ‘canted’ at 20° and, while it may look deceptively tricky to do; trust me – with a sharp blade and a half decent saw, a simple frame with compound mitres like this is a doddle to cut! Gluing it up, however – not so easy!

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Going Curve-Crazy!

Having previously curved both side stretchers, I've now subtly shaped the horizontal stretcher as well!

Do you believe that you can have too much of good thing? If you look at the current state of my college chair then, you’ll know I fall in to that other category. Because, like clamps, rolls of masking tape and woodworking blogs to read, I’m finding ways to add curves to all components on my college chair!

So far, I’m really pleased with what I’ve got. Although, I admit that this current design/amalgamation of ideas may not be to everyone else’s tastes. What is even more important here is that, despite its appearance, this chair is feeling pretty comfortable, almost relaxing, if I do say so myself! Continue reading…

Save the Chairmaker, Save the World!

My first chair but, not my design. Built back in 2005.
My first chair but, not my design. Built back in 2005.

As you’ll see in my Gallery, I’ve made more than my fair share of ‘square-framed-things’ since I first took up woodwork as a hobby in 2005. At college, I like to take the opportunities to almost push myself and try new things; which is why I have decided that, for my final year [six, if you include the three-years of Carpentry!], I will be tackling ‘The Chair‘. They say that, if you can make a chair then, you can make anythingContinue reading…