Makita Vs. Ryobi

I hold to an intention and hope of finding a new workshop this year. I won’t even begin looking until these dark and chilly months have passed but, when the time does come and I’m physically able to walk through that door, I will be looking to add a few tools to my arsenal. If not immediately then, sensibly, over time.

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Dual Dust Hoppers

With the main cabinet done and both table saw and router table sat in their respective positions, I next needed to look at installing my dust hopper-style system below each machine to contain and collect any stray sawdust and chips. There’s only 100mm between the shelf and underside of the top so, I didn’t have much room to play with – certainly, not enough for a ‘conventional’ hopper; a steep-sided construction with a hole in the centre. I spent a couple of days trying to mentally visualise a solution without getting anywhere but in to a world of frustration. It wasn’t until I sat down Friday morning and played with Google SketchUp for a half-hour or so, that I came up with the following:

To keep the sides as steep as possible (which encourages dust to slide down in to the port), I would have to place the extraction port at one end of the construction. It may not be as effective but, I really do believe it’s the best that I could have done.

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